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  1. I agree, I will wait until they release the new MacBook Pro and then I will see if it has more advantages over the XPS....in my opinion the XPS looks 1000 times better honestly
  2. I think all they are doing is changing the keyboard and display
  3. Looking for a new laptop to replace my 2015 Macbook Pro 13, I mostly use it for college work and lite gaming and video editing. The only thing that keeps me from going 100% with the XPS is should I get the 4k display because I use word alot and it looks better on it or go with 1080p. Also I love mac os, so overall i just need some opinions. I am in the US
  4. Ok thanks this has been a big help
  5. Will it get 3.5 ghz or faster without getting into overclocking?
  6. Those specs look around what I was aiming for, my only concern is if the i5 is enough. Can I keep all those specs the same and put a i7 on that motherboard instead
  7. I really just need advice on what motherboard and CPU to go with that I can expand later on. I think what Herman Mcpootis posted helped out my decision.
  8. I have a monitor and peripherals and I'm gonna run windows 10 already have a spare license sitting around. I'm in the USA btw
  9. I wanna get into pc gaming and am looking to build something for around $900. Don't have a good idea of what games I will play but I don't want to be limited by not having enough power. I want to be able to play with a good frame rate even at high settings. I prefer Intel for the CPU but I know since they are a little pricey I might have to go with AMD but as long as I can still have my settings around high I'm good. Open to any suggestions.