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  1. PcNewbie01

    Choosing a laptop

    The thing is, gaming is not important at all, i just threw it into things that it must do. As i said it will mainly be used for homework checking, some microsoft word, powerpoint. It better boot up fast and be smooth than run games at higher graphic options. If he would even play games, they would mainly be like minecraft, roblox and stuff.
  2. PcNewbie01

    Choosing a laptop

    I do not, as long it wont be a lot more complicated than argo and the shipping doesnt take months
  3. Hello, As the title states, im choosing between laptops. Currently i have 3 options : Acer Aspire 3 15.6 Inch Pentium 4GB 1TB 128GB , Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15.6 Inch AMD A9 8GB 1TB , HP 15.6 Inch Ryzen 3 4GB 2TB Full HD . The laptop is for my brother who is 10 years old, he will mainly be using it for checking his homework, maybe ocasional light gaming. Price range is to 400£, or a bit more. Would be best to find from argos.co.uk
  4. PcNewbie01

    Evga GTX 1080 ti Hybrid kit

    Oh well, i was really hoping to get my hands on the hybrid kit. So i saw a couple of comments saying i should try G12 with a compatible cooler like Kraken 62x or 72x. Would a setup like G12+Kraken 62x reach temp drops like the Hybrid kit? Or should i consider searching for available Hybrid kit / or a similar kit?
  5. Hello, I recently have bought a Nvidia GTX 1080 ti FE. At full load my temps reach 90 celcius, and so i cranked up my fan speed to 90-100% to keep full load temps to around 70celcius. But as you may know leaving my fan speed almost always in the 70-100% is very loud and wear out the card faster. So i thought of an alternative- Aftermarket cooling. At first i thought of water cooling with all those fancy tubes and stuff, but to make it work i would spend hundreds of dollars. And so i found the Evga GTX 1080 ti hybrid colling kit, that suposedly drop the temperature from 80-90 to 50-60 and drop the noise a bit too. But the problem is, i dont seem to be finding any online, and on the official EVGA site. So i would like to ask, is this cooling option that good, or are there any other optioms? Any help would be wonderful.