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  1. No PC game will work perfectly 100% of the time for 100% of the people. Too many variables.
  2. Have an ASUS RT-AC68U and 4 Phylink wireless security cameras. And I have an issue that I cannot figure out. The cameras will show up connected to the router and with the program that came with them. At times one up to all of them will not send video and show disconnect to the Phylink program that came with them and cannot be connected to with any of my browsers.( but still show up connected to the router) I have done everything I can to fix this. Right now 2 of them are out of service. One of them brand new and I cannot get it set up due not being able to get to it through the browser. I thought at first it was my daughter's iPhone and Apple Laptop because it seemed to only happen when she was home. But I have ruled that out. I would appreciate any help.
  3. That's odd, Assassins Creed Odyssey run on my RTX 2080 Ti's. I wonder if it might be the difference between GTX and RTX?
  4. Thanks for the advice. It helps a lot. It also happens that I need a phone line in my office so maybe I can lump it all together.
  5. I have a 49' Samsung monitor and even with 2 RTX 2080's ti I have that issues at times with demanding games.
  6. I understand that but it skipped over 6 months of backups to get to that one. I checked the one it skipped over and they were fine./ shrug. Only the Pope Of Windows knows what in the minds of windows. thank.
  7. If anyone uses 7.62x39 msg me I'd like to talk to you.
  8. Funny thing is, I did not roll it back, it did it all on it's own, after it rebooted the last time. I have everything backed up on site and off but I still do not know where it pulled the backup from.
  9. Was upateding my Windows 10 64bit to the latest 1903 version. And my system completely crapped its self. It somehow rolled my system back to a April 2019 recovery point, plus got rid of my WIFI drivers. Took me 3 hours to sort it all out. Had to rest the BIOS to get my WIFI back. It even reinstalled programs I had uninstalled. Does anyone have any idea what the hell happened? Or do I need to call in a priest or a vooduan?
  10. Due to the size of my house and the number of devices linked to the network I need a second router. DO I need to get a second cable modem? I tried it with one modem but could not figure it out. Thanks.
  11. I retried from the Army 5 years ago. But stupid me should have read the fine print that said I was still part of the inactive reserves. For 6 years. And sure enough with 6 months left they dragged be back in to be a trainer and reset the clock. Don't get me wrong I like the money but when I get up in the morning my bones sound like two skeletons tap dancing on a tin roof. I am to old for this crap. And the next Sgt that calls me gramps I will punch.
  12. I have bought all mine plus a couple of extra off eBay, have had no issues with them.
  13. We are trying to bring jobs back to the US. As it is now we are a consumer nation, not a nation that can stand on its own two feet. And if you do not think other countries do not do the same thing you should look into it. Take lumber a lot of the wood we cut here is exported to China at pennies on the dollar compared to what you have to pay here. Steel is another one. Ask any metal worker what they think of imported Chinese steel. Blacksmiths and Ferries will not use it, any anvil made there they call an ALD anvil-like device. I have seen both anvils and vices made there break. Sometimes explosively, I have a scar under my left eye from an anivlI I was using basically shattered, violently. Got one now over 150 years old and still rocking. ( if I could still use it lol) Americans what cheap goods and to me really do not seem to care for the quality.
  14. You cannot sue Federal or State governments unless they allow you or you can convince a Federal judge. And I see the reasoning and agree with it. If you do not think the Chinese government de-facto controls the company's there you are very naive. I love how when people do not like something the first thing they want to do is sue. It's one of the many reasons medical care is so high. But that is another subject. SMDH
  15. I keep getting the BSOD not a lot but enough to annoy me. The drivers are up to date. Not sure what is causing it.
  16. Oh from 22 years in the Army I have many aches and pains. But I do not notice them as much. I sure as hell do not feel 55.
  17. RE set your Ram, check that you gave all the power cord in the right place and set right. Those are the two things that got me a couple of times.
  18. A few weeks back I was trying to give away free so old tech parts on the Classified board. Free no charge just postage. I followed the guidelines as close as I could since it was free, And it got taken down and I really never understood. What's bad about being altruistic and giving parts away free.?
  19. I guess I am a bit older than most folks here. But I got one of the best feelings last night when I found out I was going to be a grandfather.
  20. I use Driver Booster and so far no issues. I will keep an eye on it. Thanks for the heads up.
  21. I'll give that a try. It is about the only thing I have not done.
  22. I have that monitor and run it in Native with no issuse.
  23. Ok, this is going to be a bit long and I will try and cover it all. The makeup of my system is in my signature I got a Sound Blaster X Katan. when I first set it up and installed Sound Blaster Connect 2. I was running it through Bluetooth and it worked fine, I could open Connect 2 and adjust things. Then one day I wanted to try it through the USB. And open up Connect 2 and got it could not find my audio device. And the only sound device it showed was my headset and Bluetooth. Both the Bluetooth and the USB sound showed up in device manager. But the USB was not an option when I opened the sound control panel. The only way I could get the USB to work was to install generic USB drivers. I have done several hours trying to get this figured this out, I have reinstalled the drivers in every way I could think of some more than once, I upgraded the firmware, I have turned the onboard sound on and off, I have uninstalled the drives and rebooted, I have changed USB ports, I and tried drivers two gens back, uninstalled the booted in safe mode, and several other things and still I cannot get Connect 2 to see it, or for it to work with the Sound Blaster drivers. I really need a new take on this issue. Thanks in advance.