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    Structural Craftsman/Maintenance Mechanic


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    Core i7 4820K 4.4GHz
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    Asrock X-79 Extreme 4-M
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    G.SKILL TridentX Series 24GB
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    Asus Turbo OC GTX 1080Ti 11GB SLI
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    Cooler Master HAF XB EVO LAN Box
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    Samsung 750 EVO SSD
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    Corsair AX1200i
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    Vizio M321i-A2 32", HP 27WM (x2) in Nvidia Surround 5760x1080 - Element E1SW2418M 1920x1080
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    Corsair Hydro H100i
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    Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard & Logitech G13 Joystick
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    Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse
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    Logitech G633 Gaming Headset

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  1. I have an hp slim 290-p0043w in my living room that has a low power GT 1030 in it. After comparing the 1030 to the GTX 770 and finding out the 770 is superior in every aspect I decided to put the 770 in the Slim Hp PC. I got a new a case and found an use Rosewill Capstone 750w. Put the pieces together but the computer would freeze at the bios or If it does boots into Windows, the screen goes black and my Tv loses the video signal. If I put the GT1030 back in the computer boots correctly. I have tested the GPU on my main rig (which has a corsair 1200w PSU) and it works without problems. I also tested the 12v rails with the meter while the PC was using the 1030, the voltage starts 9 or 11 volts but it goes to 12 and stays there (Tested all yellow cables in the rail). And connected the 770 to the PSU with one 12v rail and also with two separated rails to each pin connector. 1.Could the HP computer be designed to operate with a certain range of GPUs? 2.Should the voltage on the PCI express rail be 12v from the moment the test lead are connected? 3.Should I get a new PSU? Thanks
  2. So I found a microsoft Sidewinder Joystick at Goodwill and since it was usb, i bought it (paid $5). I set it up in conjuntion with my G13 Gameboard (Im looking to get a X-56 HOTAS but in the meantime this would do). Everything work good except that there is some sort of lag on the stick, I have played FSX, AC:AH and now just got Elite:Dangerous and for some reason I need to move the stick half way in any direction for my aircraft to move and when the aircraft does move, it doesnt gradually moves, it simply banks so fast I have to let go of the stick. I tried calibration and even downloaded so program to check how the joystick is working (DIView) which show gradual movement, but just doesnt work liek that in the games. Any help would be appreciated. Thx Edit: I made a quick video to show the "problem"
  3. I bought the G903 and the first time I used I hated it, just like Anghammarad said, once i used it I didnt like how it felt in my hand. I was also looking for more buttons that I could with my thumb and the g903 only had two on the side.. I decided to returnthe 903 and get the G602. G602 works for me and I think is a good mouse with enough buttons and for a third of a price of the g903.
  4. Thank for your input, all my monitors are connected via HDMI 4K rated cables. Streamlabs is not the only app doing it, Discord also show the behavior. I thought it was probably Nvidia Surround since it always give me problems one way or another but that is not the case since I disable Surround and the problems was still happening. Another thing I notice is that the text would come into focus if the mouse was moved over the window, but it would start over again. Here is a better clip. Constantin - No, I have not changed any setting in Nvidia Control Panel other than enabling surround. https://youtu.be/WbroY6TmXPg
  5. Recently one of my programs started showing the text coming in and out of focus. What can be causing that and how do I fix it? it used to be that the desktop would come into and out of focus but that hasnt happened in a long time.Not its happening again but so far only to applications are experiencing it (Streamlabs OBS and Discord). I recorded the incident in this video. Thank in advance.
  6. Logitech G13 not a full keyboard but it can work great for games or any application you set a profile for. It is old (release in '08) and Logitech doesnt offer it on their site. Its expensive brand new (almost twice as it was when it came out) but you can find it cheap on ebay. It has 29 keys with 3 levels of programming. Worth the search and money.
  7. the Logitech G602 is my choice, ( I had the G903 but returned it and got the 602). Dedicated wireless receiver (not Unify) 8 buttons to program. Happy with it.
  8. Logitech G13 (Logitech web site doesnt offer it anymore, third party seller ask a lot for it, you can find it cheap on ebay, it was release in '08) and G602 is my gaming set up. I have a Corsair K55 keyboard but is just for show and typing lol
  9. I use my Galaxy S7 with an app called mCam for streaming. So far so good. Planning on getting a web cam eventually but my S7 is just laying around since I have an S9+. If you are on budget or saving I suggest you give mCam a try.
  10. try the G602 is only $40 on amazon right now and you can program all 8 buttons with the Logitech Gaming Software. It also has dedicated receiver (no Unify). I used to own all the MX series starting with the MX Revolution, then Performance MX, Master MX. Then I switched to the G903 but hated it so downgraded to the G602. Happy ever since.
  11. I bought this after the boom mic on my logitech headset got damaged. Really good mic.
  12. google L-shape desk and you will find lots of products and prices, even Ideas if you are capable and willing to build your own.
  13. I have a blu ray drive/burner dont use it much but It does come in handy, also I want to back up my software to blu-ray sometime..because you cant trust hard drives forever lol