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  1. Hi guys, I'm having problems with my BIOS so I changed my UEFI in the boot section of the BIOS to enabled, but then when I proceed to boot I get a black screen with a bunch of writing and a MAC address, so when I go back to the BIOS to change the UEFI to disabled and proceed to boot it takes me to the windows 10 splash screen saying "diagnosing your pc" then Proceeds to take me to the windows 10 "automatic repair" in which I press "continue to windows 10" this does nothing and reboots my pc back to the same page. I've tried going to advanced options and running the system restore but nothing seems to work it just gives me an error code saying that they run in to a problem and nothing was changed. I've tried running the startup repair and everything but nothing works. I've also tried to boot to another HDD with windows 10 on it and I get the same thing. So I took to my laptop, plugged in a USB to SATA adapter and plugged that in to my SSD on which I have windows 10 and formatted the whole drive to NTFS. The original plan was to then create windows 10 installation media on a USB from my laptop and then run the windows 10 installation fresh on my desktop to the freshly formatted SSD, but when installing the windows 10 installation media to a " Intenso Rainbow Line 32GB " USB which I also formatted to NTFS before running the windows 10 installation wizard (official download from Microsoft webpage btw) after I run the download it just gives me an error after completing all 100% of "downloading windows 10" it says something along the lines of it can't be installed to this drive or something. I must say I changed out my motherboard recently from an AMD to Intel but the drives were working fine for months then all of a sudden... Poof Any help is much appreciated, I feel like I may have configured my BIOS wrong so if anyone is kind enough to send me the configuration of a "normal" BIOS which shouldn't have any problems booting in to windows 10 that would help a lot Again, Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I have a AMD 7890K which I am now swapping out for a i5-3470S, all my OS etc is all on my SSD with my mass storage on my 2TB HDD, when I assembled the mobo, CPU etc and plugged in the SSD, the OS wasn't picked up in the BIOS of the new mobo, the actual SSD as a piece of hardware could be selected as a boot option but didn't boot in to windows it said "no OS found" or something along them lines. I then took the same SSD and put it back in my original AMD build and it booted just fine. Any ideas? Will I need to reinstall the OS againnfor the Intel CPU? any ideas would be appreciated, thanks PS. Would all my programs etc on my D drive work on a fresh reinstall of windows? Thanks again.
  3. hey, I have a AMD 7890k CPU [4 core 4.1ghz]. It came with a AMD wraith max cooler [seen herehttps://www.umart.com.au/AMD-Wraith-Max-Cooler-RGB_43043G.html ] this came with the CPU but despite the beefy look and copper heat pipes and RGB which i absolutely love, my CPU runs so hot! like when i play GTA v it goes to about 80 degrees on a good day [and before you ask, yes my CPU cooler is mounted correctly, I even took it off cleaned off the old thermal paste and added arctic MX-5 thermal paste which reduced the temp by about 2 degrees but it's still 80C +] so I was just wondering, with this being quite an old socket now if there are any good RGb coolers for it that will keep it running at like 60C max when gaming [but unfortunately it DOES have to be RGB as my whole setup is RGB and it must match] any good recommendations that will fit this socket and motherboard that is RGB too? thanks, regards, Carti.
  4. all I want to know is this a good build that won't bottleneck a 970 or 1050, and will have NO COMPATABILITY ISSUES with each other, supports DDR3 RAM and fits a micro ATX case because i have a MICRO ATX MOBO and this one seems a little bigger CPU: https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=scpuinti73770&categoryName=processors-intel&superCatName=computing&title=intel-core-i7-3770-%283.4ghz%29-lga1155 MOBO: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253311644061 CPU COOLER: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Arctic-Cooling-Freezer-11-LP-Low-Profile-CPU-Cooler-Intel-LGA1156-1155-1150-775/121238456656?epid=1369862413&hash=item1c3a600950:g:OZEAAOxy63FSsjT8:rk:15:pf:0
  5. but in the UK they are hard to find and expensive whereas if i buy from america i have to pay 60 bucks for postage lol
  6. can you send me a link to one that is micro ATX size? thanks.
  7. We'll because the K is well out my budget, will this 3770 still fit in my motherboard which I specified earlier?
  8. I have decided I will get a Intel core i7-3770 (non k) as this is the best within my -£100 budget is that a good chip?
  9. But I don't want it to be like my amd a10 7890k where the CPU is at 100% and the GPU can only get to like 30-50%