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  1. WahabA

    XLR cabel?

    Update! Bought a xlr cable with 1 day delivery I am simply just a fucktard. Just like a motherboard & cpu has this "triangle" So u can match them up, the xlr input & cable has this little "cut" i never realized this, so i had just pushed my old cable in.. The audio is so FUCKING clean now that i did it correctly You guys are the best! Thx
  2. WahabA

    XLR cabel?

    Bought it on a danish webshop, but i doubt it. It was my fault, might have been to excited and pushed it in too hard, my biggest worry is that the xlr input on the mixer is damaged now ;/
  3. WahabA

    XLR cabel?

    Also when it has been connected?.. I might aswell just buy a new one then i guess, i really need to fix the noise on it Don't know why it got pushed in tho its weird
  4. WahabA

    XLR cabel?

    Right? But is it supposed to be pushed so far in tho? Like compared to the two other pins?
  5. WahabA

    XLR cabel?

    Recently i bought a mixer & microphone combo, the microphone should be "amazing" but it sounds quite terrible.. I just want to know if its because im putting the mixer settings incorrectly? I recently pulled out the xlr to check it and it looked like this.. U can see the middle pin, the one to the bottom is quite pushed in.. Is that normal?
  6. I might actually have found the issue tho.... I just pulled out the xlr cable from the mixer, i realised that one of the "sticks" or 1/3 of the silver things that connects into the mixer, got pushed really far up.. Idk if that is normal at all, but i might buy a new cable and try that..
  7. Hello LTT Forum. I have always come here, to get help whenever i've been in problems.. So here we go.. I currently own a behringer x1204 usb + a At2035. The mic quality is basically trash, i've attempted to keep the gain low, but the sound high to stop the noise from coming in. I know the mic is a condenser mic, and to me it sounds perfect, but my friends complain about it being "muffled" or it sounds "underwater" as if im talking through a monitor or a webcam... I've attempted to go to control panel -> sound -> mic and listen to it myself, it sounds "alright" not as good as i expected.. But definitely not under water... Am i missing something? Should i process the mic through a software?? I've tried to find a behringer x1204 usb software, but apparently their website only give me Asio4all.. Thats probably the only driver i'll need? How should i fix this sound.. :/ ?
  8. WahabA

    Corsair Fans

    I don't, i believe i only have 1 rgb header, thats why i think 1 commadner pro should be enough righht?
  9. WahabA

    Corsair Fans

    I recently bought a 3 pack of ml120 fans from Corsair. I wanted to hook these up to my pc, once I've received all my parts. But now there is another 3 pack of ml120 on discount, and I would like to use those as well. So I would have 6 fans, 2 lightning nodes and then RGB strips from Corsair. I know that I can hook up 3 fans and the RGB strips to one lightning node, and then the 3 other fans to another lightning node, but would i have to connect those to a commander pro?
  10. I am kind of understanding some of the terms now. Thanks for the help, I just wanted to make sure that I didn't buy something really bad, I've always had great experiences with Corsair. But assuming I'm using a lot of money for this, just had to make sure it was alright quality. I'll buy it now, thanks for the help!!
  11. Well, how do I know? I've tried to figure out how much the individual parts need in power, but I just don't get: 1) What do platinum, bronze, and gold even mean for PSU's 2) How do I know how much the individual part of my pc might need? 3) What is the difference between all these different series of PSU's?
  12. Not so long ago, I made a topic asking about PSU wattage. I figured that I might need 850-watt PSU or something like it. I realized I might upgrade some things, later on, so I thought I'd go with 1000 watt. I have just found a "Corsair RM1000i Power Supply - 1000 Watt - 135 mm - 80 Plus Gold certified" for 160 dollars. But is 80 plus gold certified alright to keep a desktop going for years? I have watched both JayzTwoCents & Linus video on power supplies, yet I still feel kinda uneducated on the topic. And if this power supply is alright, and will function properly. Can someone help me understand how to choose a proper PSU anyway? I have a list of the parts i might use down here, not sure if that would help.. CPU: Intel I7 9700K GPU: 2x 2080 in SLI (Zotac amp extreme) Motherboard: Z390-F Ram: 4x8 GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB Ram (Going to upgrade to 32 GB, in the near future) Memory: Samsung Evo 860, 250 GB + Seagate Barracuda, 2TB 3,5' Cooler: Nzxt Kraken X72 (I'm planning to replace the 3 fans, with 3 RGB fans from Corsair) Fans: 4x RGB fans from Corsair Besides that, I have monitors, keyboard and basic stuff like that.
  13. Might go with the HX850, or the R850X, thanks guys Appreciate the help
  14. I'd prefer not to go over 250 Dollars I would like to believe, that should be enough
  15. So, if i am going to buy a 850, i would have enough power to also connected, a decent amount of peripherals