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About Derkoli

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    Tidal/McIntosh fanboy
  • Birthday 1869-05-09

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  • Location
    Cornwall, UK
  • Interests
    Audio, MTB, Lead climbing, bouldering, sailing, buying audio stuff, making money for that audio stuff, dropping graphics cards, browsing r/audiophile
  • Occupation
    Surround sound mastering engineer/mastering engineer


  • CPU
    core i3-7100
  • Motherboard
    No idea.
  • RAM
    Crucial 8gb 3600mhz
  • GPU
    Nvidia 1050Ti
  • Case
    Lenovo y520
  • Storage
    1x 1Tb WD Blue for programs, 1 x 500gb Seagate HDD for just FLAC music, M.2 for OS
    32TB NAS Just for music
  • PSU
    corsair 650w
  • Display(s)
    LG 42" 1080p, F&H 768p
  • Cooling
    Corsair H45 AIO
  • Mouse
    Advent A6BWRD16
  • Sound
    Main system (stereo setup):

    2 McIntosh MC1.25kW power amplifier's

    2 McIntosh MC2301 power amplifier's

    McIntosh C53 pre-amplifier

    CHORD Electronics DAVE DAC

    McIntosh MVP901 Blu-Ray/SACD player

    McIntosh MP1100 phono Pre-amplifier

    McIntosh MS500 Music Streamer

    32TB NAS

    Chord Shawline RCA's

    Chord Shawline XLR's

    QED SUPREMUS Speaker Wire

    PMC Fact Fenestria Loudspeaker's

    IsoTek EVO3 Super Titan Power conditioner

    Audioquest NRG-Y3 power cables

    SME Model 15 Turntable

    SME 309 Tonearm

    Clearaudio Essence MC cartridge

    Ortofon MC WindFeld TI cartridge

    Stuff for home theater setup:

    PMC Fact 10.C Centre channel

    PMC Fact 8 side rear surrounds

    PMC Fact 12 side surrounds

    Yamaha CX-A5200 11.2 channel processor

    McIntosh MVP901 Blu-Ray/SACD player

    Yamaha MX-A5200 11 channel power amplifier (does not power front channels, just center channel and surrounds)

    Chord C-SCREEN speaker wire

    IKEA SKOGSTA as plinths for the spikes on the speakers

    Headphone setup:

    IsoTek EVO3 Sirius Power conditioner

    Chord Shawline XLR's

    Sennheiser HDV820 Headphone Amplifier


    Sennheiser HD800s Open-Back Headphone's

    PC speaker's:

    JBL LSR308 MkII monitors

    Little Bear MC2 pre-amp


    Staag XLR cable's
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 home 64Bit

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  1. Hehe, Buying more audio gear.


    Grabbing a pair of McIntosh MC2301 monoblocks to get back into tubes.


    And grabbing a McIntosh MVP901 Blu-Ray/SACD player for the up-coming home theater.


    So my whole audio setup is now 260,000 USD. Not including room treatment + TV/Projector setup.


    Nearly at my end game.



    1. Tech_Dreamer



  2. I'd love to get into making my own cables, but looks matter to me alot, and I'd need ALOT of cables, but I wouldn't mind spending a few afternoons soldering with music on in the background, but if I've already got all the cables, I don't really see a point. Plus, all my cables don't add up too all that much. So I'm not too sure what I'd upgrade, other than my phono cartridge/tonearm, but even then my tonearm is around 3k. If I ever did a full cable replacement, I'd probably look at Blue Jeans or make myself, I think Zeos has a guide on his channel. I'll keep you in mind if I ever DIY some cables
  3. Well, If this review is anything to go off: Yeah I wouldn't trust them. They seem to be more geared towards "gamers" and the average person who loves how their amazon echo sounds. I would look at Gearslutz, WhatHifi, John Darko etc. for reviews. Do you mind having a seperate amp and speakers? Or would you prefer just having powered speakers. Also, take a look at analogueseduction.net for speakers. They stock amazing stuff, and I've had nothing but good experiences with them.
  4. I do really like them. Use them for anything other than my home cinema/stereo system (yes, I have many more speakers than just my Fact Fenestrias) I only bought the Chord Shawline's because they look and feel amazing.
  5. Haha monoprice is so hit and miss. Some of their cables are fine, some just fall apart. @Cyberspirit if you want some cables that feel and look slightly nicer for a tiny bit more money than AmazonBasics cables, I quite like Kabeldirect Pro series RCA cables. Sound exactly the same as my 270 dollar Chord Shawline cables. https://www.amazon.com/KabelDirekt-Analogue-Double-Shielded-Amplifiers-Receivers/dp/B00DI89I04/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=kabeldirekt+rca&qid=1576348401&sr=8-3
  6. PC -> DAC -> AMP Pc to the DAC is usually with USB, then DAC to the AMP is generally RCA, or with higher end setups its XLR.
  7. You obviously aren't cultured in the world of cables.
  8. Hehe, I spend alot of quality time with them and the system. I'll probably always keep these, even if i upgrade, Although an upgrade would cost over 60,000 USD, But these babies are pretty much my endgame now. And they're so resolving, you can hear every little change made to what is in the signal chain. Other than power cables obviously
  9. The AE-7 is pretty decent, and to be honest you probably won't notice the difference between it and the Nu Audio.
  10. PMC FACT Fenestria. They're imposing, but they sound and look gorgeous.
  11. Honestly more excited to get them than I think anything else, other than my speakers. Plus moving house next weekend so I'll have a proper dedicated home cinema room/man cave
  12. Haha, wonder how warm my new amplifiers are gonna get. McIntosh MC2301, Ordering them on sunday most likely. Cant wait to be honest.
  13. Or if you want a new heater and amp combo
  14. Shhhh, Don't over-complicate things