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  1. Not sure if Lenovo has shipping restrictions for the outlet. You'd need to check with them. It's certainly an early bird gets the worm situation, though, and it does look like someone snatched that build up. But new ones are posted regularly. So if you check with Lenovo and they say you're able to purchase from the outlet, it could be worth checking back (if you're able to wait a little bit). Good luck hunting though. I just got my Lenovo, and couldn't be any happier. It's exactly what I was looking for but couldn't find in another machine.
  2. RobertSaget

    Need Recommendations for Laptops

    Check these out if you haven't already. More gaming focused: MSI GS65 Gigabyte Aero 15X More work focused: Dell XPS 15 Lenovo X1 Extreme Also, read about consumer reviews for Razers before you buy. Even Linus in one of his videos talks about how he had to return something like half of the ones he bought for his staff because they had issues.
  3. This is for a touchpad, not a touchscreen. thanks though
  4. For example (regarding my last comment), here is a brand new t480s with even better specs than you were looking at for $1,160, which is anywhere from $400-$600 less than the laptop you would have spec'd on their regular site. This has the 8650u, 24gb ram, and the WQHD. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/outletus/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-t-series/ThinkPad-T480s/p/20L7CTO1WW-PC0Y68HN You still get the Lenovo warranty, you still get a brand new machine, you still get everything you want. You just pay less because someone else's order got canceled.
  5. Hey, before you buy the laptop form Lenovo, you need to check out their outlet store. I got a brand new X1 Carbon (note: NOT refurbished and NOT scratch & dent) for $600-$800 cheaper than on Lenovo's regular site. I actually just happened to write a review of my shopping experience a few minutes ago before seeing your thread. Check it out here (link to their outlet included in post):
  6. Online (that's the best part): https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/outletus/laptops/c/LAPTOPS Updated the original post to include more details.
  7. I thought some of you might be interested in my experience of buying a laptop from the Lenovo Outlet. The Outlet offers some head-turning deals on new hardware that was built to spec, and then never shipped due to a canceled order (or other buyer related issue). These are completely new systems, not refurbished and not scratch & dent (though the outlet does offer those as well). What I bought: Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th gen 16gb Ram, 256gb storage (installing my own larger and faster SSD later), and the 2k HDR glossy screen. What it cost: I paid about $1,250 with tax. The computer would normally be just over $2,000 with tax (though they usually have some kind of small discount running which would bring the cost down to around $1,800). This means I saved anywhere from $600 to $800. Order process: Very straightforward, no hiccups. Tip: On the main search pages for the outlet, not all of the spec details are listed. It will tell you the ram, storage, and cpu info, but not the screen information. To see that, just click the "Shop now" button next to a listing you're interested in, and on the next page click "view models." That will show you all of the info about the build. Customer Service: The product was marked to ship in 1-3 days. On my order page, it listed it with an estimated ship date that was over 10 days away. I reached out to their live chat service on Lenovo's main site, and their reps explained that this was a temporary placeholder until the order moved through to the next stage. They said that once their security team had approved the order, the page would be updated. This was correct. The next day my page was updated with a new shipping date only 1 day away. Their staff was was quick to respond, accurate, and friendly. You could tell some of it was part of a script, but frankly, they answered my question and had me on my way in just a couple minutes. Very happy with it. Shipping: I am really impressed. I ordered on Sunday night at 11pm. I received it on Thursday at 5pm. The site advertised 1-3 days to process it, plus another 3-5 for actual shipping. Mine arrived in 4 days, the shortest possible amount of time as advertised. Product & Packaging The laptop arrive in a simple box rather than the all black presentation-style box that you would get if you bought this at their normal store. However, everything was included and secure. I personally don't care about the unboxing experience (especially not for $600-$800 cheaper), so it doesn't bother me. The laptop is brand new and was exactly as ordered. I have read some reviews about quality control with the keyboard on this model, and I didn't have any issue with it. Mine is perfect. Final Thoughts: All in all, I am really impressed with the entire experience, and I feel like I got an amazing deal. If you are in the market for a Lenovo, check their outlet out first. Some of the deals are incredible, and you can save a lot of money. Here is a link to where I shopped, in case you're interested: https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/outletus/laptops/c/LAPTOPS
  8. Just got a new laptop and I cannot use two fingers to swipe to the next or previous page in Chrome on my touchpad. Every other gesture works correctly, and the two finger navigation works in Edge. I updated all my my drivers, my bios, Windows 10, and Chrome. Everything should be on the latest version. It hasn't worked before or since I did that. I am using a Lenovo X1 Carbon which uses precision drivers (16gb, 256gb, HDR).
  9. I don't think the integrated intel graphics are enough to handle my workloads, and it does not appear that the T480 offers a dedicated option. I don't need a GTX 1070 or anything, but a 2-4 gb dedicated card will go a long way when working on the go. I think I've pretty much seen every computer out there that might work for me. And although for this budget, I could easily get a powerhouse computer like a Aero 15x or MSI GS65, I don't really need a desktop replacement, and I value the portability over the performance value at this point. The four computers I am most interested in right now are: New Blade Stealth is basically perfect on paper, but quality control and price tag have given me pause. Lenovo Ideapad 720s (14') is also almost perfect. However, screen brightness and accuracy seem to be less than ideal. Asus Zenbook 15 is slightly bigger than I wanted, but it checks most other boxes. The big drawback that I've read that screen color accuracy is pretty bad, which is pretty important for me. Matebook X Pro gets really close to perfect, but I am worried about customer service and touchpad frustrations. Also, I am really weirded out by their whole company right now.
  10. Thanks @GeneXiS_X I live in the U.S. I am not really concerned with weight as much as I am total footprint and build quality. I'd rather have something really heavy, but super portable and incedibly durable, than something super light weight and flimsy. As for battery life, I am not super picky. If I can get anywhere from 5-10 hours of straight work done without having to charge, that would be great! I'm willing to be on the low end of that spectrum if it ticks all my other boxes.
  11. I really love the look and sound of the new Razer Blade Stealth 2019, but is it overkill? Would something like a Lenovo Ideabook or an XPS 13 without dedicated graphics actually work just fine and be a better fit? I've got information overload at this point, mixed with a deficit of information on my specific use case, and it's crippling my ability to make a decision.
  12. EDIT: I have gone with the Lenovo X1 Carbon. Lenovo's outlet had an amazing deal on a $2,000 spec for $1,200 brand new. Thanks for your help! Every time I look for this answer, people keep recommending larger format laptops and I cannot seem to find a review that has helped me figure out what computer is right for my specific use case and hardware desires. I've also read through some of the stickies on this forum, not can't get a clear guide to what I should get. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give! Size & Portability: I want a 13-14" inch laptop. Portability is key here. Power & Use: In addition to basic every day tasks, I will use this laptop for some graphic design, so it'll need to handle the following programs (in order from most to least critical): Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop, After Effects/Premiere. I have a desktop for heavy loads, so this is more for when I am with a client and they want to tweak something or see an alternative layout, or if I need to do some basic work on a plane, or when I want to work at a coffee shop for the day. I am pretty set on having at least 16gb of RAM (dual channel, please), as I often have a lot of instances of chrome open while also running Illustrator and Photoshop simultaneously. As for the processor and GPU combo, this where I get lost. I have no idea what processor is really right for my use case. I feel like a dedicated GPU will help with some of my workloads, but I honestly cannot tell if something like intel or AMD's integrated solutions would actually be enough. Keyboard & Touchpad: Touchpad feel is REALLY important to me. The last laptop I had was a Mac, and I've never used another computer that felt so good to use. But I refuse to buy a Mac now. So instead, I want the most fluid, accurate pad possible on a Windows platform. And the buttons shouldn't shake, wobble, or otherwise be a nuisance to use. For the keyboard, my biggest concern is that I do NOT want mushy keys or a flexible chassis. I'd rather not have a number pad, and back-lighting is a plus. Screen: 1080p is fine (don't need 4k at this size). However, it absolutely needs to be bright and color accurate. I prefer a matte finish, thin bezels, and 144hz if possible, but those are not critical. FutureProofing I like to buy nice and buy once. I am not interested in budget items that will last me two years and then fall apart. I want to buy hardware that will last me several years without falling apart or getting bogged down by future applications. Battery: I cannot stand laptops that die after a couple hours. It doesn't have to go all day, but it needs to get me through most of it. Budget: Rather not spend more than $1,600. Doesn't mean I want to spend that much, but am willing to if that's what it takes.