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  1. Hi! I've been pushing every last bit of my cheap Inno 3d 1070 ti (something X2 in the name, cheapest one I could find), and added a Kraken X62 cooler for it. It overclocks really well, and in afterburner I use around +220 to +240 on the gpu and +520 to +550 on the memory. Temps never exceed 42 celcsius. My question is if anyone knows if I can flash a bios from a 1070 ti that has 133% power limit, and if this will at all help my overclocks. I only have 1 or 2 tests in 3dmark I'm not number 1, and really want to beat the competition (I only compare against same gpu and gfx-card users) haha If it's possible to flash any 1070 ti bios on any brand of card, I'd like some help on how to do this, and how to find a 133% power limit bios. Thanks!
  2. What do you mean? I have the power limit slider all the way to 120% in afterburner, which is max for my card. But I've seen other cards have 133% power limit. So with the nice cooling I have it would be interesting to get that extra 13% gain in the power limit setting in afterburner.
  3. No I think my post stated my goals pretty well. Based on your comment, are you saying it's not possible to flash to a bios with higher power limit?
  4. Just cracked 1800 with ryzen 1700x It's air-cooled with noctua 15, not sure the excact name for this cooler.