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  1. So how can I get the security update without update to the latest version? Huawei told me this phone have "One year warranty" but just a month later they force me to give them up? That's not my fault! I know I can even use adb to uninstall huawei stock launcher then make nova my default, but why I have to do it? I bought this phone, not borrowed, I paid and no need to send it back. This thing make me very disappointed. I used to consider buying a magicbook later, but now....Huawei? No more!
  2. I think the point is "do customers have rights to choose?" instead of "is huawei default launcher good enough?". Especially I could use nova launcher when I bought this phone so I paid for that, but a month later I couldn't, and at that time I can't return it back for refund because it's out of date. Is this a kind of fraud?
  3. https://www.xda-developers.com/huawei-confirms-blocking-third-party-launchers-chinese-emui-9/ from @xdadevelopers Is this the first Android phone which can not use third party launchers? I'm using a Chinese version of Honor 8X which Linus once recommended, and now Nova launcher no longer works in this phone, that shocks me. I have not encountered this problem from android 1.6 to 9.0 . Is this behavior legal?