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  1. I was planning on getting the 3900x when I saw the price difference between the 3950x and the 3900x so I'll probably go for that. But thank you this is a big help :).
  2. I'm currently planning a new build as my current build is very dated and struggles to keep up with current gen games. I already have my GPU which is an EVGA 1080TI and my RAM which is 16GB (8x2) Trident Z 3200 MHz as well as a 1TB SSD. I was just looking for advice on what else I could buy to finish off the build. If anyone has the time and can suggest Motherboard, CPU, Air Cooler, and a PSU that are compatible and have good specs for around £1000-£1500 (about $1300-$1900 it doesn't matter if the parts come to less than this, this is just the baseline budget I have and I'm assuming it's over the odds for what I would need) it would be greatly appreciated. I know how to put together PC's but I never kept up with hardware releases so I'm very far behind on what is good nowadays. Thank you in advance to anyone who sees this and has time free to help out :).
  3. Thanks guys ill think it out but this was very helpful
  4. I am building a system currently but i am at an impasse at my final step of building it. I have an Intel I5-9600K and i am struggling to find a motherboard compatible with this cpu. My price range is around $170. If there is anyone who can suggest a compatible motherboard which i can buy for around this price i would very much appreciate it.