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About aBattleBorn


  • CPU
    amd ryzen 5 1600x
  • Motherboard
    gigabyte ab 350 gaming
  • RAM
    vengence at 3000mahz
  • GPU
    SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon™ RX 580 8 GB
  • Case
    antec p8
  • Storage
    seagate barracuda 1tb 7200rpm
  • PSU
    antec 550w 80+ gold
  • Display(s)
    samsung c24f390+benq gl 955
  • Cooling
    nouctua low profile for am4 socket
  • Keyboard
    razer anansi
  • Mouse
    razer nega chroma
  • Operating System
    windows 10 64bit pro

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  1. aBattleBorn

    PC crashes when I run a game

    probably,my guess is that it is a faulty psu since the problem occoure even with different gpus try to get another psu from one of your friends and connect only the gpu to the other psu while the rest of the system is connected to the your old psu,then stress test you gpu see if it make a difference.
  2. aBattleBorn

    PC crashes when I run a game

    stress test your system while focusing mainly on the gpu,try to check the temps to take overheating problem out of question. also how old is your psu? sorry for my english
  3. aBattleBorn

    super budget pc build

    ok thank you actually yes, on ebay it seem like it is around the same price so ill think ill get one of thous,the only catch is that the mobos seem more expansive than the fm2/am3,but looking at the difference it seem like it wort it,thanks a lot for your help. israel, but i rather getting parts from ebay
  4. aBattleBorn

    super budget pc build

    hello guys,first of all sorry for my English. so one of my friends asked me to build him the cheapest pc that he would be able to game on. so i am going to use older cpu and low end gpu. i have 2 choices and i am unsure what should i choose: amd A10-5800K APU or amd fx 6300 both of them are from 2012 one with 6 cores one with 4,base clock is a bit higher on a10.... i am planing to use a dedicated gpu(amd rx 560 or 460 or my r7 260 to save even more) which one should i choose? thanks in advance.
  5. aBattleBorn

    Need help with new gaming pc

    yep there are a lot of ethernet cables lets say cat 3 can do up to 10mb/sec while the cat 5 can do up to 1000mb\sec,but in your case if you have just 2mb it dosn't really matter. so the other thing i can think about that the game you are playing assign you to a far away server,check it out. also when i get high ping on games i rebot the router which help most of the times so give it a try
  6. aBattleBorn

    Need help with new gaming pc

    try to change the ethernet cable. check to see if you are not on some far server on game configuration
  7. aBattleBorn


    reset main mb connection reset all of the front panels pin,work with mb manual. check that front panel usb header is connected proparly
  8. aBattleBorn

    PC Restarts while gaming or long time running

    well my man the most of the reports were just permission which do not help us, all the errors other than thous suggest it is a hardware related issue. try running your pc without the gpu for a couple of days see if the problem relates to the gpu drawing power. when exactly did you bought your psu?
  9. aBattleBorn

    BSOD - CPU or GPU to blame?

    the longer the better,i thin that an hour is enough,check you temp while you are at it
  10. aBattleBorn

    Help on upgrade

    have you tried resting you cpu and checking for bent pins?
  11. aBattleBorn

    Help on upgrade

    in this picram is on a and b which might cause the problem,also try reseting your CPU,maybe the memory related pin have no contact,and if you are at it already check for bent socket pins
  12. aBattleBorn

    PC restarts for no reason?

    try to run the ram on stock speed/2667.see if the problem still accore
  13. aBattleBorn

    PC Restarts while gaming or long time running

    open event viewer>windows log>system look for errors meaning red icons
  14. aBattleBorn

    PC Restarts while gaming or long time running

    can you please check windows event viewer and tell me if you see any errors near the pc restarting?
  15. aBattleBorn

    gtx 1080, i5 8600k underperforming

    dude look at the superposition benchmark he uploaded, his gtx 1080 get 2200 on 1080 medium settings even my hd7870 get 4200. he defiantly have a faulty card i don't get why he haven't contacted gigabyte yet.