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    amd ryzen 5 1600x@3.94
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    gigabyte ab 350 gaming
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    crossair vengence up to 3000@2666
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    antec p8
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    seagate barracuda 1tb 7200rpm+ 960gb+480 crucial bx500 ssd
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    antec 650w HCG 80+ gold
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    samsung c24f390*2
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    aigo dark flash AIO
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    razer anansi
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    razer nega chroma
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    windows 10 64bit pro
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    lenovo thinkpad x240

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  1. nah man. the first bag i had was lenovo b210 which i bought for 20 box which became unusable after 6-8 months and my b510 was 20$ and got super wet after heavy rain which if my laptop was not inside a water resistence case i had lost it. i like the gamer astethic might go with one of thous how much time do you own it? does it have a good water ressistance in your experiance? does it have a good water ressistance in your experiance?
  2. hi guys,hope you having a great day so far. first of all let me excuse my english. i am looking for a new backpack. my requierments: *water resistence *comfortable *diffrent compartment for laptop preferably paded *decently large because i am carring around a lot of stuff my budget is around 100$ i already had the lenovo b210 which start tearing after about 6 months of use, and the lenovo b510 which is decent but got really wet in the inside after the rain my city had yesterda,even though it is water resistance. have any reccomendation? thanks in advance.
  3. tyvm for your response in your opinion,should i wait for black friday?
  4. 3600 is 6 core i need the extra cores+i have the gigabyte ab 350 gaming 3, a350 did get bios update for 3rd gen but i am not comftrable with running 3rd gen on this mobo pretty heavy virtualization for as cheap as possible plus gaming on the side.
  5. hello guys,first of all let me apologize for my English. i want to upgrade my ageing amd ryzen 5 1600x with ryzen 7 2700. i will buy the cpu of amazon,the price is lowest i have seen so far and there is some kind of promotion right now with free shipping to my country which is saving me around 20$,i have no idea if i should buy the cpu right now or wait for black Friday, what do you guys think?
  6. ill keep searching because for now i found a lot of things from the us which is like 100$ for the switch and another 100 for shipping,which is a little too much imo. so you reccomend against bulding home lab? thanks for all of your response
  7. hello guys,first of all let me apologize for my English. so i have a question for all of you guys with networking home lab,i want to build my self my own home lab,if any of you guys have any tips how can i get some networking equipment for cheap i will be happy to hear it, i already got my self a cisco 1841 router for nothing(literally) but i still want to get a few switches and another router. thanks in advance and have a good one.
  8. i also had thous kind of "phases" i enlisted in 2014 played aion from time to time when i was in vacations,then aion died out and i started playing dota and some vn's after few months got tired of that and just surfed youtube when i was home,later my psu died mid 2016 and i didn't even cared. left pc unused in my room till half a year after i finished my service(like march 2018), bought a new psu because my friend wanted me to play WoW with him, i ended hating the game and stopped playing with my computer for another 2 months,then i finally started playing again some old games(like valkyria chronicles and tales of serise) and continued from then to game. i think its happen to all of us, its fine to take a break.
  9. so it didn't work,my system still chug ram like its free, tried clean boot which helped to clear some of the ram. the thing is after boot ram usage will be fine than after few hours my system would use 9 gb of ram or more. so right now i turned off superfetch(sysmain) ill check to see if it help in the next few days. i also did some work with vmware(updated to the latest version and it works now lol) ran 2 vms with 4gb dynamically allocated which put me on 15.6-15.8/16 which mean my system don't free up memory for programs when needed. if you have any new suggestion i will be happy to hear them. thanks in advance
  10. it's best to know how to work with both of them,i just prefer vmware well i ran 2 more sfc /scannow with 2 restarts in between and found nothing,so lets hope this fixed the problem,ill update tomorrow cause its 1 am here and im tired lol. and ill try the clean boot test anyhow tomorrow. thanks for the help guys,have a good one
  11. i have actually rebooted already,ram usage seem fine so far,ill check it again tomorrow to see if it is actually fixed the problem. that suck cause i am now on a week vacation and planned to use my home pc for a lot of mcsa labs,welp guess ill use hyper v for now.
  12. but it was never like that before,i have (mostly)the same system for a year and with 20 tabs open on Mozilla i would hit like 6-7 gb of ram,it is the same on my work pc(xeon+16gb of ram) nope, from the last windows update i can't open vmware+ i turn off my vm ware when i finish working on them and non of the vms set to automatically boot of with the host machine. sfc actually found some corrupted files and repaired them.
  13. hello guys. recently i have noticed that my pc is using more than 50% of my ram contently with me just sitting in desktop without any program open in the background. task manager show nothing that require that amount of ram,my start up process is pretty clean with only 6 programs with auto start. i am running windows 10 1903 update,thought it might be it. i have already done the basic stuff like running my anti virus(avast primer and mb premium) booting up with only the necessary programs. any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance and sorry for my english.
  14. hello guys,hope you are heaving a great day so far. sorry for my English. i am looking for a new classic mmo rpg. i played Aion for about 3 years,played mainly tank(with glad lol) and healer,i really enjoyed my time in this game,here are some of the feature i liked. *every class have its own designated role,you can't just finish a run with 2 gunners 2 sorcs and 2 glads. *this game made you search for parties,you can't just finish a dungeon with 2 players,which make you have more player interaction. *huge skill bar and skill trees to choose from. *good graphics *a lot of dungeons,when some of them take quite a while to finish with. *some raids. i have tried quite a lot of mmo rpgs since then but didn't really managed to find one that i loved and could continue playing for a long time. mmo rpg i tried: WoW - didn't like it,i bought the blizzard battle of azeroth package at full price started with a priest with the lvl 110 booster card played with a friend for something like 10~ hours and stopped playing. why i didn't liked the game: i don't like the idea of me renting a game,bar skill on lvl 110 is small,graphics,attacks have casting time for no apparent reason(one of the classes have a skill that is basically just a hit with a mace which for some reason have a casting time). blade and souls: played destroyer up to lvl 30 when the game was pretty new. why i didn't liked the game: small skill bar, dungeon and party design. archeage: played for less then 10 hours.when the game was brand new. why i didn't liked the game:low performance, a lot of disconnections. tera: lancer at lvl 6 why i didn't liked the game:can't really remember, think is something about the controls and quest system. aura kingdom: played it shortly and can't remember a lot of details why i didn't liked the game: small bar skill,was easy to get lost in the game map,easy dungeons, dungeon and party design. there are 2 more that i can't remember the name of. sorry for the long post,thanks in advance.