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  1. @GDRRileyI've seen that one. The problem is it has been on back order for a while. We are wanting to move forward soon so we can return borrowed equipment. Thanks though!
  2. @GDRRiley I want 4K for local recordings for special events. It's a little bit of future proofing. The way tv prices have dropped I don't think it will be too long before 4k is widely used. It took me a long time to get a budget for this and I don't expect to get to do any upgrading for a long time, so I am planning ahead as much as possible. And I do know I will only be streaming 720p for facebook. I found a small pan tilt thing on B&H Photo for $130, but it's not highly rated. I can spend a few hundred for a good mount, I just need to find one. I don't have much room to setup a tripod, so i need something that can go on a wall at least. Beign able to mount on the window in my booth would have been optimal, but a wall mount would do.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. When looking for cameras, I could not find any specs that said what the camera specifically pushed through the hdmi output. Having priced some different models it looks like I have to settle for 30 fps at 4k to stay under budget. Which honestly is probably more than fine. I am not too worried about storage. HDDs are cheap enough. I was just wondering if I was over-reaching for 4K60 and it looks like that was the case. I had been looking at Panasonic's AG-UX90 or HC-X1. Any thoughts on those? Also...any recommendations for a mount that can be attached to a window frame or sill and has remote pan/tilt? Preferably something with some shock absorption.
  4. I'm not sure how to search for this question so I apologize if it has been addressed already. I am doing a recording/livestream setup for my church. I know that livestreams on Facebook only go out in 720p, but I want to record 4k60. I am plannign on using the Elgto 4K60 PRO internal capture card. My question is, do i need a camera that can record 60 fps at 4k to get a proper 60 fps recording via the hdmi output from the camera to the Elgato card. I am pretty new to doing these kinds of setups so I also aplogize if this is a noob question. Thanks in advance for any help Other possibly helpful info: I record using OBS. The pc has a rtx 2060 gpu, a ryzen 5 3600x gpu on a x570 mobo, and 16 GB of 3600Mhz DDR4 RAM.