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  1. okay thats what i figured, really i just didnt want to comb through everything but seems its inevitable. thanks for the help guys n gals
  2. but wont i have duel operating systems? i cant delete windows and then clean install can i? im worried about losing stuff if i were to uninstall, re-install. @Crunchy Dragon
  3. So to start i know how to just create a backup image and then install onto a new drive. but i have my os on a drive that by accident has been mostly filled up with videos and programs. i could spend hours sorting through and moving stuff to a new drive so only my os is on the ssd. but i run the risk of breaking something or ruining my os. so ive concluded that i need a tool that can take only my os and all necessary files and move to a blank ssd, leaving behind everything else on the drive. can this be done?
  4. usd and around $600 yeah any like known reliable laptop names?
  5. so my brother in law has a laptop from 2005 and it runs like complete shit as you might presume ! he runs a business from his computer and that is his only use. typing up contracts and invoices, editing his websites, sending emails. nothing hardware heavy. im just curious if anyone has some laptop in mind that would be a good fit for him? money isnt much of an issue but he is very cheap and doesnt need some 900$ laptop. in the past i just buy office laptops and replace storage with ssd. what are your thoughts?
  6. so it wouldn't be possible to boot from gotcha.
  7. well see everyone says "as long as your bios supports it then you're fine" so then im like well m.2 didnt exist around that computer so why would it support it? could i flash a new bios?
  8. because spending $50 to have faster storage than my failing hdd is a much better option then dishing out more for less! also planning on upgrading in a few years by then motherboards with m.2 will be much more cost effective.
  9. https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-compaq-8200-elite-small-form-factor-pc/5037931 This is the pc i have but i got a really good deal on some new nvme, of course being an older motherboard i know it doesnt support it, but ive seen plenty of m.2 - pcie converters. so my question is, will this: https://www.amazon.com/QNINE-Adapter-Express-Expansion-Compatible/dp/B07F9RBP5W/ref=sr_1_12_sspa?keywords=m2+pcie+ssd+adapter+x+110&qid=1554321584&s=gateway&sr=8-12-spons&psc=1#customerReviews be compatible with my computer?
  10. also notice no power cable connected to your gfx card
  11. i believe ram is the problem, unless you just removed it for the picture? without ram it will not boot. on first time builds alot of people connect hdmi into the gfx card, on first boot make connect directly to the motherboard.
  12. Question 1: I am currently using Dfx audio enhancer (fxsound); is there a more viable option for producing better quality 3d surround sound? Question 2: There is a feature in dfx listed as "use mydocuments", what could this possibly mean? This seems like it could add way more options by allowing me to write an .ini file of sorts that could be read by dfx. Thank you for your time and remember that Linus is always watching over us *insert praying-hands*
  13. I reset the bios but every time I click save and reboot it blue screens once I restart and open bios everything has reverted back to optane instead of ahci.. why does bios auto change setting I have saved?
  14. Okay so I recently installed a adata SX8200 240gb. i partitioned the memory and whatnot then went into bios because I heard you needed to enable a genie to decide how the m.2 reacts. so I went to bios searched m.2 and the first thang that popped up was “ m.2 Optane genie” so I enabled and restarted my pc. I am stuck in an endless cycle of starting windows only to find a blue screen. Disabling the genie did not help
  15. Exii

    Capturing lost energy

    I will read the law of conservation of energy! Thank you for the pointer. Not it sure what disspaited means perhaps you mean dissipated? Either way doesn’t make much sense to me; but I do understand that energy isn’t lost in the aspect of non existence. I’m just curious how much energy could be harnessed from all the cords in a computer.