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  1. Should I stick with omen 17 then?
  2. Yeah but on paper it looks like it's bringing me more for my money, I'm just concerned about thermals. Plus with the omen 17 I have to get the connector and brackets for the 2.5 Drive, and I can't get the OEM ones because they are stupidly over prices.
  3. Hey. I found a special discount on Acer Predator Helios 300, the specs look amazing for the price but I want your opinion. Price: 1250€ I7 8750H GTX 1060 6Gb 16Gb Ram (for some reason it says 2400Mhz on specs sheet, I thought all 8th gen comes with 2666Mhz) 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD 144Hz IPS panel 17.3" Idk how long the discount will last The specs looking amazing for the price, but I want your opinion about it, thermal design and that sort of stuff. Here is the link also. https://www.gigantti.fi/product/tietokoneet/kannettavat-tietokoneet/ACNHQ3DED024/predator-helios-300-17-3-pelikannettava-musta Also btw on a Finnish HP site says the 17-AN108NO Has G-Sync technology, but idk do they mean it's "G-Sync compatible" or does it come with G-Sync panel which I'm guessing not for that price, I was unable to find the Helios exact model number but I found the product number NH.Q3DED.024 Main difference that I see HP Omen 17 NVMe SSD 256GB Better I/O And maybe better screen And maybe better thermals Helios 300 Better CPU I7 8750H More Ram 16Gb Higher refresh rate 144Hz More SSD storage but not NVMe Comes with HDD also Reviews for Helios looks fine nothing too alarming there is few people complaining about heating but that's the same with Omen and there is some people saying thermals are fine no throttling, so nothing too alarming. I'm very excited about the Helios discount but I want to confirm the thermal a first.
  4. I contacted HP Live support and the only way to contact them is with serial number so I provided them with fake one and it worked, and the agent said if you buy it with M.2 only you have the buy the brackets and connectors for 2.5 Drives separately and HP doesn't sell them, and he didn't even provide me with parts number he just said look it up at your local store, I told him that some brackets are different and they are not all the same, So I looked through their forums and found old posts about people who bought the 2016 models with m.2 only and they told them to buy them separately and provided them with parts number, I looked up the parts and they are like 75 Euros EACH! for Plastic connector with ribbon cable and 2 plastic holders for 2.5 Drives. So that would be 150 euros!!, at least from Finnish retailers which INSANE!! Why don't they just include those plastic cheap parts with the box I'll try to find them on eBay or something.
  5. Also the computer comes with only M.2 SSD, I'm wondering does it come with brackets for 2.5 Drives or do I have to buy it from somewhere else.
  6. I thought so too, but wouldn't that also make performance issues, Like FPS drops, stutters. and it would effect the mouse also, but seems like the mouse is totally not effected by this. even the mouse clicks not effected not just the mouse movement.
  7. Hey, I have a laptop that I've been using for the past few years, and it has a problem that I haven't been able to figure out how to solve or why it happens in first place. Laptop:Asus X550J I get a strange input lag on my laptop keyboard from time to time while gaming, it only happens when gaming and it doesn't always happens, it happens from time to time and it can last anywhere from 1 second to over a min. My keyboard input gets delayed by few seconds. Like if I press W it takes a second or two to appear on screen, and there is no any performance changes when this happens. It's just the keyboard and my USB mouse and USB devices work just fine. Weirdly enough if I minimize the game and put it on full screen again, the problems disappears. I've kinda gotten used to it so I always alt+tap and alt+tap back to the game to get rid of it. Because I did hours of research and didn't find anyone with the same problem. But since I'm new member to this community I thought I got nothing to lose to ask about it. Just in case someone knows what's going on.
  8. Price limit is 1300€, and no preference I kinda prefer heavier laptops for gaming better quality and average battery life is good enough. Power.fi gigantti.fi Jimms.fi These are the sites that I trust you can also use Hinta.fi it's a Finnish website that will show you which websites are selling the product and which is the cheapest. Thank you for your help also do you think I should wait for the drop of AMD GPUs? Because I'm not expecting them to be that good to wait for.
  9. Is it worth it? I'm afraid into running into weird thermal issues.
  10. 1060 6Gb I5 8300H or I7 7700HQ 8Gb RAM, I already have another 8Gb for upgrade 2666Mhz M.2 SSD at least 256Gb
  11. I've heard that the 2016-2017 Omen Laptops wasn't that good, it had thermal problems and build quality wasn't the best, but I've also heard from the same people and reviewers that the 2018 model is their best model, Better thermal design and better overall quality. But I wanted opinion of actual consumers than reviewers so I posted it here.
  12. Thanks for your opinion, The only ones I would trust to do great are ASUS ROG laptops and Alienware. but unfortunately I can't afford them with the same specs, i'm looking for something under the same specs for under 1300 Euros, if you have any suggestions i'd love to hear them.
  13. After my horrible experience with the FX504GM I returned it, it had awful problems with Audio, Power limit and coil whine. The computer looked good on paper but after using it for couple weeks I hated it. So In case they gonna accept my RMA on the FX504GM, I'm planning to get different computer, it's more expensive than this one, but reviews and specs look good. The Computer I'm planning to get is HP OMEN 17-AN108NO 17.3 Specs: 17.3 Inch screen 120Hz IPS I5 8300H GTX 1060 6Gb 8Gb Ram 2666Mhz 256Gb NVMe SSD No HDD Ports: 3x USB 3.1, Thunderbolt 3, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI I looked online and thermals aren't the best but no thermal throttling under full load, and also the Bios gives you access to change the CPU power limit, 25w-35w-45w. a problem that I had with the FX504GM automatically limiting the CPU and GPU regardless of temps causing FPS drops and unstable clocks, and there was no way to change the power limit with FX504. So there should be no power limit problems with this one. It also has a better thermal design than 2017 models, and than the FX504. My concern with this computer it comes with no HDD I'm planning to upgrade it with 2.5 SSD but idk if the computer has brackets for it. the FX504 had no HDD also but it came with brackets and screws. I want your opinion about it.
  14. Update: The sound issue seems to be mainly related to the ACPI which is a driver for power in the motherboard, that does the power management and controls the power depending on the fan profile. I realized the problem happens so often if GPU under 100% load and CPU load fluctuating, If both CPU and GPU under 100% still happens but less often, it's very noticable in gaming because GPU under 100% and CPU load fluctuating which causing the Power management(ACPI) to change the power limit often which causing DPC Latency to spike up. Long story short I started to believe both Power limit throttle and audio problem are caused by the same thing. Possible fixes: Bios update (Unlikely) Send it back for service(Maybe, depending on how they gonna test the audio and if they consider Power limit a real issue) Other than that I don't see these problems can be fixed in any way, no software will help. If they decide not to fix this or return my computer i'm stuck with this...
  15. Yes clocks seems way better now but still under power limit when CPU under load GPU under load alone works perfect but when CPU is also under load the Power throttling starts GPU Usage jumps down to 50% and back up to 99% from time to time, Clocks 1300Mhz-1700Mhz DPC Latency still spiking, and audio still lags Here is a picture You can see the GPU Power throttle, CPU Power throttle, DPC Latency Spike