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    Help me make a choice

    I don't get why manufacturers always choose to go with this bad design, I get it they try to save a buck here and there but is it really that much more expensive to get bigger dedicated fans for each of the CPU and GPU?
  2. Bareq

    Help me make a choice

    Yep that's what I thought, I ordered it the FX504 it should have better cooling then the other 2 I listed since the fans are separated, unlike the other 2 which the fans sit right next to each other with the same pipes going over CPU and GPU, I'm not expecting the best thermals but I think it could be manageable with undervolting and high quality thermal paste, it should be fine
  3. Bareq

    Help me make a choice

    https://www.jimms.fi/fi/Product/Show/144635/nh-q3xed-026/acer-15_6-nitro-5-515-52-550v-kannettava-pelitietokone-musta-punainen https://www.gigantti.fi/product/tietokoneet/kannettavat-tietokoneet/HP15CE089NO/hp-omen-15-ce089no-15-6-pelikannettava-musta This one I'm pretty interested in https://www.jimms.fi/fi/Product/ExternalShow/bb617d2a-1447-4e5a-b15a-113c45240efd
  4. Bareq

    Help me make a choice

    Finland, 1,000 Euros, mainly gaming, weight doesn't matter I prefer THICC laptops over slim ones for better thermals, battery life preferably lasts enough for 2 hour HQ movie streamed online. Games that i'm thinking to play DayZ, PUBG, Rust, GTA V, and i'm saving for Oculus Rift VR Headset, so i'm expecting it to run basic VR games such as Pavlov and Beat Saber. Also It has to come with SSD 256GB minimum preferably 500GB SSD and it has to be M.2, so I can upgrade it with another SSD I'm tired of the poor performance and loading times on HDD, I feel like HDD get slower with time. Also i'm looking for GTX 1060, if there is a good laptop with GTX 1070 for under 1500 i'll take that into consideration. It's a lot to ask from 1k Budget, but on paper the Laptops I listed should handle these tasks just fine. Prices here in EU are much higher than NA, Specially here in Finland Taxes are sky high. so I'd appreciate it if your suggestions based on my location.
  5. Hey, I'm thinking to get new laptop since mine feel outdated. And I'm on tight budget I found couple laptops that fit my budget but idk which one to choose Acer 15,6" Nitro 5 515-52-550V Specs: I5 8300H GTX 1060 6GB 8Gb 2666Mhz 512GB SSD (M.2 I think) 1080P Panel 60Hz The other option is Asus 15,6" TUF Gaming FX504GM Same as above except it has 256GB SSD instead of 512GB And this one is M.2 For sure and comes with same panel 1080P IPS This one is on discount atm and I'm thinking to get this one over Acer because of the thermal design as the fans for CPU and GPU on each side There used to be another option but it's out of stock, I'll put it here just in case it comes back to stock I want your opinion HP Omen 15-ce089no Specs I5 7300HQ 8GB 2400Mhz 1060 6GB 256GB SSD (M.2 I think) But the beautiful thing that comes with this is 120Hz G-Sync 1080P Panel They are all around the same price, I'm looking to buy another SSD 500GB Samsung EVO so I need the laptop to come with M.2 SSD I might also add 8GB of ram since they all come with 8GB, The reason I posted this here because idk which one is best for thermals, quality and life span. I've also heard the I5 8300H is as good or even better than I7 7700HQ, so i'm excited about these.