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  1. Thank you very much for your help. Was looking for that edit hehehe. I guess if that is the case, its not very worth it for me to buy an ssd on porpouse expecially if it is an nvme... Do you think any nvme would work or only those described?
  2. I have a lenovo ideapad y700-15isk that came from factory with a 1 TB HDD. I recently tought about selling to buy a new laptop that is more portable. I tought about adding an M.2 ssd to sell it quicker. I openned it, did maintenance on the cooler and fans and also replaced the thermal paste. Then, i added the ssd and tried booting the laptop. The laptop shows the lenovo initialization screen and then shuts down momentarily and does the same again.(keeps on doing this loop when ssd is installed). I tought this was boot priority problem so i tried to access the bios to change boot priority but my bios doesnt seem to have any functionality like that. After, i removed the M.2 and did a bios update and altough that worked, the bios still doesnt seem to support boot priority. Im in great doubt on what could be wrong and im hopping any of you can help. Also, the MB M.2 seems to only have the b "key" of the ssd and the ssd has both of the "entrances" (two slots?) Can this be the issue? I do have an ssd that would fit perfectly into the slot but that is beeing used on my gaming desktop.