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  1. Big Boi Lime

    Champions league

    As much as I want an English team to win it, I don't like the teams that are left in it really so going with a club I support in Barcelona, I'd love to see Ajax win after I predicted them knock out Madrid, only for them to go and do it, but got a feeling we might be watching a Barcelona Juventus final.
  2. Big Boi Lime

    Linus' watch

    Ah! Thank you! shall watch this in a bit, would of spent more time googling it myself but at work so it was easier to quickly ask all the much more intelligent people on here
  3. Big Boi Lime

    Linus' watch

    What smart watch does Linus use? I'm sure he made a video about it but can't remember what one and I know he said it was meant to be really good, or does anyone know of any good smart watches for around £100?
  4. Big Boi Lime

    Tattoo related to IT/Tech?

    copper wiring type stuff? cables? a jumble of sound waves? all I got
  5. Big Boi Lime

    Are women the 1% of tech?

    same dude...same....
  6. Big Boi Lime

    Question for mods or knowledgeable people of the forum.

    Again I get if the discussion has nothing related but I still see some, discussing the topic that then gets locked for being better suited as a status update when the topic is clearly discussion worthy as people are talking on the topic, this is something I see more in off topic when someone will post something random but still able to be talked about, it is talked about, then locked, this is what confuses me, when its staying on track, being discussed sensibly with the occasional random comment here or there where someone points out a particular sentence etc but otherwise is seemingly just a decent conversation about the topic in question, this is more where my confusion lies.
  7. Big Boi Lime

    Do you know the answer to this math problem?

    This just makes me realise how bad my maths is...
  8. Big Boi Lime

    mic wont work because of monitor? lol

    if you're running windows 10, go to volume control on your taskbar, click on the monitor name that should be above the volume controller, should come up with a list and you should find your headset there, I have to do that, also be aware that certain games once you load it up through one audio device, won't switch back so if you want to go from monitor to headset you'll have to restart the game, I know GTA V does this, not sure of many others. PS this is with your headset plugged into your PC, wanted to clarify this in case you tried it with the monitor and came back saying it wasn't in the list.
  9. Big Boi Lime

    This stupid snowstorm in the Midwest

    noooo, gin is good stuff, never thrown up because of it, to be fair I can hold my alcohol pretty well, dunno about you tho aha
  10. Big Boi Lime

    Digital watches under $50?

    FYI don't forget to quote people so they know you've responded
  11. Big Boi Lime

    Question for mods or knowledgeable people of the forum.

    I understand it when someone just posts a picture and captions "lol funny" like no that isn't gonna be the pinnacle of conversation, but I keep seeing threads that were in full discussion on a subject and then suddenly stop because a mod believes its better suited as a status update, those are the ones that confuse me, when something is being discussed but is better suited as a status update?
  12. So I haven't been on the forum long but one thing I've picked up on is that there's quite a few posts, in Off Topic in particular that have been locked and the OP has been told its better suited as a status update when people have been having a perfectly fine conversation on the subject posted, just wondering if there are further rules I'm still un-aware of as a kind of FYI for future posts?
  13. if you manage your money then it doesn't matter, I pay for my tobacco and thing for rollies and I still manage to have an RTX 2070 brand new as well as being close to upgrading my MOBO and CPU fairly soon when new Ryzens launches
  14. Big Boi Lime

    Digital watches under $50?

    I got a very nice watch for my 18th last year, I ended up looking it up because it was so nice and its worth around £100, not something I'd spend on a watch if i was buying my own, then bought my dad a watch for Xmas worth £50 forgetting he already has watches and he doesn't wear them so I've got 2 nice watches already but if I ever want a cheapy one I know where to look.
  15. Big Boi Lime

    Digital watches under $50?

    Not bad for under £10 actually.