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  1. I finally fixed it! Supposedly the pin adapter they gave me was broken or something.
  2. Yes, it’s the black edition and I did talk to bestbuy but they are dumb af and told me to go into there store like tf I ain’t doing that
  3. Just Xfx I think. If you are decent at building could we hop into a call on discord or skype because I still can’t get my graphics card to work and I’ve been researching all day to figure it out
  4. Radeon RX 580 8GB “Black Edition”
  5. Already did that, I’m going to probably call amd support since it isn’t working to see if they know a possible fix, thanks!
  6. Hey peeps. So I installed the rx 580 and whenever I try to download the drivers for it, it says there is no graphics hardware found. Then I look at the display adapters and it says ati Radeon 3000 graphics!? I need some serious help. My resolution is all wonky and my graphics card isn’t even being recognized on my pc!
  7. ZoiDoi

    New Graphics Card messed up my resolution?

    So I tried installing the drivers and it said components installed
  8. Hello! So I just installed the RX 580 and when I started up my pc, the resolution is all wacky. Right now it is at 1280 x 1024 and it should be at 1280 x 720 Any help? Thanks!
  9. Hello! I just got an ssd drive and I don’t know where it goes any help?
  10. So can u list me some things that I will need to run it since I’m sorta new to this pc stuff
  11. So I’ll pretty much need a whole new pc... dang
  12. Hey guys! I currently have an RX 480 and a AMD FX 6300 Six core processor and need a new processor for me to be able to run VR. So leave some cpu suggestions down below that can run the oculus rift!
  13. I need a budget pc for around 500-600 dollars that can run an oculus rift at recommended settings. Thanks!
  14. ZoiDoi

    Need Suggestions!

    Hey peeps! I thank you for helping me on the last post I made but now I’m wondering what I should upgrade to make my pc able to run a oculus rift at recommended specs. My budget is around 600$ so post your suggestions down below, thanks!