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  1. The one with the FullHD screen and 8750H. If anyone has questions about it or whatever i might be able to help out.
  2. I ended up getting the Aero 15x, mainly due to the bigger battery and the international warranty. Appreaciate everyone's feedback though!
  3. Can you share a source for this information? Neither the Razer nor the Gigabyte are offerred with a 2060, so it's not really relevant, i'm just curious why that happens.
  4. Yes, i've already picked out a 16:9 laptop, but i'd prefer a taller screen, which is why i'm looking into other options
  5. Why do you think the Aero 15 is better than the Razer? I checked out the MSI GS65/75 as well as the Triton 500 and the Strix Hero 2 but they are just too ugly IMO. I can't imagine myself bringing one of these to a meeting
  6. Yeah i saw that video, it's way too ugly IMO. I prefer the Blade. Also the GX701 doesn't have a 15" option as far as i know. 17" is too big for me
  7. I mainly need the laptop for work (i'm a developer), which involves a lot of travelling. But I'd also like to be able to play GTA 5 on ultra. A lot of the time i'll be using the laptop with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, but i will also use as a laptop on planes etc when i travel so portability is important. My main requirements in order of importance: 8750H or better CPU Cooling - i want the laptop to be quite while the CPU loaded and i don't want any throttling. I don't care if it gets loud or hot during gaming as long as it can run games smoothly 32GB of RAM (it's ok if it comes with 16GB as long as i can add another stick) Battery - at least 80 Wh Weight - the lighter the better 15" 1080p screen (1440p would be nice but i don't want 4k), backlit keyboard and a good touchpad Design - i don't like RGB, cleaner looks are preferred Fingerprint/Windows Hello My budget is 4000USD, i'll buy from amazon or the manufacturer's website. A tall screen (4:3) or similar would be awesome, but from what i know a workstation/gaming laptop like that doesn't exist. Storage isn't important, a 512GB SSD would be sufficient You may have noticed that although i am looking for a gaming laptop, gaming performance isn't in my list of requirements - I game rarely, but when i do i'd like to be able to play in high settings. I'm currently using an XPS 15 and i don't like that it throttles the CPU. I can get a workstation laptop with a 8750H, but they come with Quadros, which i won't be able to utilise. The only graphics heavy tasks the laptop would do is gaming, no video editting or 3D modelling or whatever. I don't care about RTX, but it seems non RTX 20 series cards aren't available in laptops yet. From the reasearch i've done so far the Razer Blade 15 with the RTX2070 seems to be the best option. The Gigabyte Aero 15 with the RTX2070 is a close second, i like the bigger battery, but i don't like it's design as much as the Razer and i also doesn't have any biometrics. I also looked at the MSI GS65 Stealth, but it's just too ugly for me Are there other options i'm missing. Are there any laptops that will launch in the coming months that might beat the Razer?
  8. I'll probably buy from amazon or from the manufacturer's website.
  9. I'm going by myself too, would love to join. I'm down for gaming, but i'll probably suck at whatever we end up playing
  10. Where are you from? I live in Denmark at the moment Budget? 3000USD Usage? Programming (Virtual machine use/Docker) and occasionally gaming Any preference on weight and battery life? I would like something light, portable and with a long battery life as i travel a lot, but i don't want to have to deal with thermal throttling
  11. I think the MacBook Pro comes closes as to what i'm looking for, but i don't want an Apple device. The only metric that matters to me is productivity (hense the taller screen) and multitasking. So basically something with an 8750H or better and hopefully a good GPU for gaming. TBH i don't know if such a thing exists (except the MacBook), but short of that i think people might find it useful to see a list like bindydad123 made (the ones i found when searching were old).
  12. I can't seem to find many non-16:9 options out there. Can anyone recommend a gaming/workstation laptop with a taller screen?
  13. Haven't had any issues. You should be ware when spending that much money. That's why i always try to a buy from a seller that accepts returns. Buy the laptop, try it out for a couple of days/weeks and replace it with something else if you're not happy.
  14. Hi Chris, I kind of had the same plan as you but i'm from Denmark. We'll probably fly separately but i'm definitely looking for a buddy to hand out with at LTX. I'll also try to get teh VIP package. PM me if you want to talk more