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  1. Over here infrastructure is ridiculously expensive to build and setup. Unfortunately robbery is a very typical Australian day. For the speed of our connection and data quota, we are doing quite well for $120 AUD especially because we are using 60 year old copper phone line here.
  2. I'm down in South Aus and we pay $120 a month for 500GB and I get 2.2mb down max and 800kb up max. Our bandwidth is shitall and we have a ping of about 50. The cable runs from my house to the exchange, from there it travels to the next town (by car, it's a mile, well, just a tad more) to the next exchange. That exchange then connects wirelessly to Adelaide. When it rains, blows with wind or any other kind of natural event, the net drops out and I spend 5 minutes reconnecting. The wireless exchange to Adelaide drops users briefly in order to maintain bandwidth/strong connection for others and essentials. It's a bloody joke, I am quite willing to get out there in the trench digger or with a bloody shovel and lay that line from here to Adelaide.
  3. I nearly pre-ordered their V2 Set yesterday, I am now having second thoughts. I'm hoping Mr Facebook is wise enough to recognise its potential and only back it with is bathtubs of money. A man such as himself would lose whatever respect he has left if the killed the Oculus
  4. Fallingout


    Haha here is where all my fuckin strayan mates are hangin. Sup guys! It is a scortcha here in south aus today. Hit 40 inside the warehouse I was working in.
  5. I don't know too many people that use a ghetto mic stand with a full XLR mic, haha. But overall a very nice clean build mate
  6. Fuck me mate, that looks fantastic! I'm looking at a similar design with a base frame and the three sides being covered by the one piece of bent material. Trying to sort out some laser cutting down here in South Aus. Hoping to make an industrial-esc case with 4mm steel for exterior and 2mm for the internal frame. Excellent job mate, the white and black look awesome!
  7. Hahaha, equally as bad
  8. I just dig the minimalist nature of this build. Good job mate! The black scheme with white light and fans looks tremendous.
  9. Fallingout

    Le Tigre

    First thing I thought of when I saw the 'Le Tigre':
  10. G'Day mate, that is a fantastic setup and build. It is very clean and sleek, good job!
  11. Lookin good mate. So good i'd almost make love to your love box. God, that sounded bad, mix what I just said with a little Aussie slang and you have a very dirty comment ;)
  12. Just realized each thread had the same poster, no problemo, haha
  13. Hey mate, I don't want to pick on your method, but if you can afford it I suggest buying a dremel. The large saw/drill shown in the picture is an excellent tool (I own one) but a dremel is much cleaner and much more suited to case modding. The dremel will also stop the large tears and distortion of the case metal. Just a suggestion ;) -Fallingout