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  1. OK so after you read this post - take into consideration that Steelseries eventually asked me about my experience of the RMA process and the exchange with the support person, they requested feedback with a form. They then changed their mind on the RMA decision - and graciously offered me a full RMA. To be honest - I actually had been a bit harsh about the issue, and it was true that I bought the Prism at a discounted price - so when they eventually they offered me a full price refund, it was actually for more than I had paid in fact.. But I was impressed by the way that they dealt with this, actually it was very professional - in short, I have to take a lot back here - their eventual response was really good. I have always been impressed by the product which is great. The issue with the Elite Prism Steelseries is a design fault, but it is well known if you want my opinion. But before the RMA was granted I actually went out immediately when the Prism died and bought the Arctis 3 - and you can see that it is well made, and turns out to be completely compatible with the USB soundcard for the Elite Prism, including all the 8 pin connectors (eg you can plug it directly into the USB soundcard using the 8 pin connector) and all the functions of the Steelseries Engine that you could tweek for the Elite Prism can be tweeked like this) .. So, I should thank Steelseries for doing the right thing to make me finally a very happy customer! ---- i had three siberia v2's break during warranty and the last pair also broke the same way, one of the cups dies completely Yep - so my Elite Prism Steelseries died when the left cup detached itself the other day as I put them onto my head.. I was not impressed...see the pics below. The black screw in thumbnail 5 held it all together but was screwed into a very flimsy piece of plastic which over time simply broke, partly because of the fact that the screw hollowed the small piece of plastic out and did not connect with anything stronger on the other side. ..and when I requested an RMA here is the exchange with customer care : We are so sorry to inform you that your product is outside of the warranty period and that your RMA request has been declined. There is no remaining manufacturer warranty for this product.. This is due to the deep purchase discount on your item. There is good news though! We can offer you a 10% discount coupon, with free shipping on your entire order, for our webstore so you can jump into a brand-spankin' new device! Just apply this promo code: RMA2018 If you recently completed an RMA on your device within your warranty period, the warranty does NOT extend with each RMA. The warranty period, per device, starts on the day that you purchased your initial device and covers the replacement device in the warranty window. The warranty window ends at these times from the initial device's date of purchase: · North America - 1 Year · South America - 1 Year · Asia - 1 Year · Europe -2 Years Items that carry no warranty include: · Give away items · Prize winnings · eBay second hand transactions · Official SteelSeries Contest Winnings · Products from unauthorized resellers For more information on the RMA process and warranty information, please visit our FAQ. If you feel that you can possibly resolve your issues through some troubleshooting, please feel free to open a new ticket and we can further assist you. Here's how: 1. Log into your account here. 2. Scroll down and press the "Open Ticket" button. 3. Select "Troubleshoot a Product" Thank you! Regards,