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  1. Yeah, I figured, I just thought it was a bit odd that they hardly mention the fact that it has a light at all on the Amazon product page. Or I'm blind. I'm probably blind. Going to have to take a 10% performance hit because of this.
  2. So I didn't realize this dominator platinum that I bought actually had lighting at all, is it RGB? If so what app do I use to configure? I've tried Corsair's iCue but all that seemed to do was override the Asus aura software.
  3. So I just had my first big upgrade in years, super happy and as usual, I've found something that grinds my gears, it doesn't really matter that much, however if there's a way to fix it, I will have scratched that itch. Asus x570-f Fast boot enabled, post delay set to 0. Machine is powered off, I hit the power button. Blank screen, the mobo LEDs cycle to indicate going through the checks and finally lands on white and the system actually posts. 5-7 seconds. Even though the pause is set to zero, the post screen still displays for approx 4 seconds. What's the deal with this? My 6 year old mobo just flashed the post screen for a split second when set to zero, so you can obviously mash that del key if needed. And just to be clear, I totally understand that it really doesn't matter that much at all, but again, if I can fix it, I'd like to fix it
  4. Windows fully up to date, doing anything physically is a bit of a pain because he has learning difficulties, although I can talk him through what to do, but dexterity isn't great for him. Hangs only happen when doing anything particularly intensive. It seems stable when on the desktop, playing videos and such. Will have to try reseating things but I've never had a problem with this before, there's a first time for everything though. Oddly, I haven't witnessed it crash while running furmark for 10-20 mins which leads me on to- It's an extremely oddball idea but he does have these terrible usb speakers with their own audio chip on board, the sound does keep going, wonder if there's a conflict there with the sound continuing to play. I'll try to get him to use sound over hdmi through the monitor headphone port.
  5. I also upgraded him to an SSD, so it's a fresh install with the latest AMD drivers.
  6. If the admins see this, honestly by no means intentional! I will only be using this account from here on. Hope we can get back to the point
  7. Hi all, Just donated my Gigabyte Windforce 270x 4gb to my brother. Everything seemed fine until he started using it. At first I suspected temps being the issue with no case fans, but after using open hardware monitor to check this, it appears that the temp doesn't correlate to the time of the crashes. Usually around 67c which is perfectly normal for this GPU. I now suspect it's his extremely bad PSU which is included in his case. (Image attached). Windows error logs don't seem to give any info, literally blowing a desk fan into the case hasn't made a difference, do you guys thing it may need a new PSU? I've even tried underclocking the GPU which doesn't seem to have made any difference either. The card worked fine in my PC, his PC worked fine without my old GPU, there's something that's not gelling. His full specs (It's a fairly bad Acer gaming PC!) PSU: FSP GROUP INC 500w FSP500-50AAGA - (??????!!!!) its apparently rated bronze+80 Motherboard: Predator G3-605 Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 Ram:A single stick 8GB 1600mhz GPU: Windforce 270x 4gb Storage: 1x120gb kingston ssd, 2x1tb 7200rpm As far as I can see, 500w should do the job, however I'm dubious about the quality and overall rating of the PSU. Any input will be greatly appreciated.