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Video Beagle

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  • Birthday May 2


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    AMD Ryzen 2600 3.4 GHz
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    32GB DDR4 2400
  • GPU
    Nvidia GeForce 1070 TI 8GB Zotac 1070 ti,
  • PSU
    650 Watts Power Supply Thermaltake +80 Bronze Thermaltake PSU

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  1. Video Beagle

    Walmart Gaming PC Good?

    I got the version of this they were selling around thanksgiving...came with a 1070TI rather than a RTX2060. FWIW, it has a Power Supply: 650 Watts Power Supply Thermaltake +80 Bronze Thermaltake PSU EDIT: oh..right.I put the parts in my sig
  2. Spurred by mentions in videos, I've looked at Ali Express, as well as wish.com, and I'm wondering what kind of experiences people have had..they have much of the same stuff, with pretty similar prices...is one better than the other? Is either "good"? I HAVE done a order with wish.com..a watch, a "smart watch"and a Snoopy lego kit....things came in in several weeks-month before it was said they were due (But I suspect those dates are either worst case, or deliberately long so you feel like things came quickly. The watch is as described. I haven't started the snoopy yet, and i missed some details in the scant description of it, (but I feel that's more a logic fail on my side)...the smart watch looks nice, and some functions are really good, and some not (it's blood preasure is just junk), but it's an $18 chinese knockoff Apple Watch wannabe....getting pretty much what I paid for.
  3. Video Beagle

    Building a TV/Monitor into a table...have you done it?

    Yeah.. I've had the idea before with like those giant tablets they make for kids..or even the big person sized touch screen's I saw at the mall replacing the mall map. @IntMD is right that the ergomics would suck, but it's just so cool in my mind
  4. Video Beagle

    Building a TV/Monitor into a table...have you done it?

    Yeah.. I always have loved the computer desk in TRON, but it'd be a pain to look at.
  5. I've been rebuilding my living room/computer area for the past...forever...often with LTT etc running on the tv as i go, and an idea occured to me, of a gaming table with a monitor or tv built into it as the flat surface, and i wondered if anyone had done this. I haven't really looked into it outside of idle thoughts, but like get a flat screen tv, maybe a wooden table that's slightly bigger, and a sheet of glass or plexiglass that fits the table top....rout out space for the tv into the table, run wires etc for access, put the tv in the recess, cover with the glass, and hook it up to a pc for gaming or stuff. (Like I could see it being neat for maps and things for table top RPGs...I have nowhere like the space that would be needed, but maybe it'd be fun. Anyhow, just a 3am thought that I was curious if anyone had tried.
  6. The SSD of my imacs fusion drive is slowly dying, so I defused it...I now boot from an external SSD (I think corsair) via usb3, and use the internal hdd for extra storage. And I use a variety of drives, mainly WD, but some seagate and toshiba for various purposes, most thru USB3, but a few thru Firewire800
  7. Video Beagle

    sharing video to multiple tvs in one house

    If you got the coax all wired to the right places, there might be ways to use that to get the signal from one place to the other. A quick google found this, which isn't availble, but does indicate the tech is out there. https://www.amazon.com/C2G-40574-Transmitter-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B005SIMSAE
  8. Video Beagle

    sharing video to multiple tvs in one house

    There are wifi extenders...but if you're looking at multiple tv's each via wifi, you're going to be leaving "cheap" far behind. To confirm, you want it so everyone is seeing the same thing at the same time, as opposed to everyone having access to network video services?
  9. This is something I was pondering at 4am instead of sleeping. In my home system, I have both an iMac and Windows 10 PC. The iMac uses HFS+ for the drives, the PC NTFS. Neither can natively read/write to the other (putting aside things like Paragon software that enables that on either). BUT, If I connect to the PC from the mac (or vice versa), the drives can be mounted and used across the network with no issues. I'm just wondering the technical reason this works if anyone knows?
  10. Video Beagle

    Is my processor running too hot?

    Yeah, Bios upto date..just HWMonitor wasn't.
  11. Video Beagle

    Is my processor running too hot?

    15 minutes in, and the temps are remaining in the low 70's (and dropping quickly once handbrake finished). So I guess the question is do the new temps make more sense? (some quick googling shows me 70's seem normal for understress)
  12. Video Beagle

    Is my processor running too hot?

    Here's a screenshot from just now, with everything collapsed but the temps. The computer has been asleep for a bunch of hours. One thing I have noticed, HWMonitor wants to update (this is still at the version that came installed). It's 1.34. the version notes for 1.35 list AMD Ryzen 2000 processors. So is it possible the program is just incapable at the version I have installed? (I'll be updating it in a moment). EDIT: Initial temps with updated HWMonitor are supporting that theory... pre-update current temp was 72..post update was 26, with the only diference in activity was the update process. I'm running Handbrake again to get up to full power, then I'll post the screenshot of things, but 6 minutes in, and the max has been 70c
  13. Video Beagle

    Is my processor running too hot?

    Motherboard: A320M PRO-VH PLUS
  14. Video Beagle

    Is my processor running too hot?

    I'm real new to the PC side of the world (life long mac user). I got a pre-built pc for 3d rendering/gaming, and some stuff my iMac can't handle as well. I haven't done much with the PC yet, no real stress tests or anything so i decided to give it a go with doing some video encoding using Handbreak. It ate thru the videos at a fine pace, but I got curious and opened up HWMonitor to check temps...everything looked ok, except for the CPU which seemed real high (and googling supports my thinking it's high)...BUT, my super lack of knowledge about this side of stuff also means I could just be looking at the wrong numbers. Here, the computer's been sitting idle for a couple of hours (I had been running the handbrake queue then paused for the cool down for a "baseline temp". The line I'm concerned about is the AMD Ryzen 5 temp down at 74c. Then here, with Handbrake running, I'm in the 120s (c).... I didn't encounter any performance issues, other temps seemed fine...fans weren't roaring or anything...but I'm new to this machine, so not sure exactly what to expect... Does this seem normal?