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  1. I got the Powermac G5 around when the intel migration was happening (I honestly can't recall if I had it then it happened, or if it was a consideration when buying) It was well more than "a couple of years" of life...I stopped using it basically when the tech was just too slow compared to everything else. (I recall video streaming just was abysmal). Granted, I use old tech longer than a lot (as I type this on my 13 year old macbook pro), but my G5 was usful well into the intel era. (Now it collects dust somewhere in my apartment). It IS a different time now, granted... computers are much more appliacnes then they were then, though, so it is hard to predict how long an Intel imac will have support, but that due to current trends and views, not past ones.
  2. That's a bit harsh. I mean, not necessarily inaccurate, but a bit harsh. He's a horse cart repairman in an age of automobiles. I appreciate his position...I even appreciate the point of view he brings...but the ways held up as some sort of...prophet...is ridiculous. Some points: I appreciate Linus FINALLY mentioning at the very end of the video that Floatplane has had issues with the App store, BUT, 1) Said BIAS really should have been mentioned at the start of what is an opinion piece, and 2) calling Floatplane a "sister company" to LTT/LMG is a bit burying the lede...as Riley posted this thread, I guess that means he wrote it, and for him, that's where the bias is, but for @LinusTech, he's the OWNER of the company...that's a level of financial interest that affects every word he says on this issue. (On a personal note, maybe Linus as the head of what wants to be a serious technology information news source, and LMG in general as what wants to be a serious technology news source, maybe should stop using donald trump's gaff as a nickname for Tim Cook. It's not the best look.) Is the problem no third party app store or is the problem the 30%? They're not the same issue, and frankly only tangentially related. On the 30%...as Linus says in the video..it's the standard across the industry. Maybe it's too high, maybe it's not.. that's not a matter for the courts (and as for the duopoly/collusion argument mentioned...as it is the standard well beyond both Apple's and Google's stores, that argument doesn't work). As for other app stores. I don't see that going anywhere. You're not entitled to enter a marketplace just because you want to. You can't set up a stall in your local mall, you can't open a both at a farmers market., you technically can't put a table selling lemonade on the street, just because you think you're entitled to it. I've seen arguments in other threads like "if you don't sell in the Apple store, you're cut off from x%", but again, where does this idea you're just allowed access come from? It's their mall. There are plenty of other malls you can go sell at, but this one is theirs. An aside, on the policies...blame scammers. I list an app for free (no revenue to Apple for app purchases, no rent in the Apple store), then just sell in-app purchases...well, if there's no money taken from those, then you're just making money off Apple's service for nothing. I doubt a legal ruling against apple on this will be the boon people think it will be...instead, I see the end of free apps with IAP and instead a return to "light but free" apps and "full paid" ones. Regarding all the "but Apple changes things for xxxx" comments in the video, I ask..so what? Life isn't fair. Doesn't make things illegal. Netflix as a service brings value to the platform. Amazon as a service brings value to the platform. That value gives them room to negotiate. Apple didn't see Epic/Fortnite bringing value to make deals with them. Maybe short sitedness on Apple's part...maybe they just don't like Tim Sweeny...maybe Sweeny isn't the chess-master here with plans and counter plans, but instead he's dancing to Apple's tune...thing about legal rulings..they eliminate grey areas for all sides and lots of people operate in grey areas until they're gone, and I'm a bit more confident in the legal advice Apple has than Epic.
  3. I got a few cheap chinese knockoffs that have had an o2 monitor for years. I doubt anyway as accurate or reliable as an Apple Watch (like, none of them agree on steps walked for instance) but if you want to play around with the idea...
  4. Cuz OP doesn't know how it works, I guess.
  5. And Linus owns it... something he kind of glosses over with the term "sister companies" They might be sisters, but he's the daddy.
  6. tons of 2 side button mice are availble...but I have 0 idea what can be found where you live...sorry.
  7. As was explained above, Apple was a co-founder of the company ARM, along with Acorn and the chip manufacturer, but not of the processor itself.
  8. As long as the sponsorship is known about, so can be used to weight the info provided, I don't mind. The channel has enough good will from me that I'll take the info as honest evaluation, and I'm usually more interested in the genral concepts than the specifc products.
  9. Apple was the first company approached to buy ARM, they turned down the offer. If there was any concern from them about someone owning ARM taking away their ability to use it, they'd have bought it themselves to secure the rights.
  10. After a lot of searching and not finding answers and watching Taryn's videos on keyboards, I found a solution. http://www.hidmacros.eu/ This is the home of LuaMacros, whicch was his solution before he started spending a lot of money on hardware... but it's not the LuaMacros, but it's precurser software, HIDMacros, which is a gui based one the guy abandoned. Just having it on in the background seems to filter out the number key strokes the game is reading (HiD Macros shows hid info, so the mouse works by having mouse parts, then a keyboard section.. the side buttons ARE created as a keyboard in the system. It does also let you change key mappings on basic USB stuff...but that's a little dodgey inside CO right now. There's also this: https://mediachance.com/multikeyboard/ Which is a paid software that's newer and looks to do similar, but I haven't tried it yet.
  11. Based on my 40 years of using Apple products, I'm gonna say 5 years from now for active software software support, and then indefinitely until things stop working. My 13 year old Macbook pro still gets security pushes, and it got left behind in the OS upgrade cycle like 3 or 4 OS's ago. All the software I used on it.. Photoshop the main one, still works as it always did. The machine is mainly a bed time browsing machine these days, as I have newer machines to do work on.
  12. Lots of times, companies will turn a blind eye to something until it gets too big or they get it rubbed in their face, and then they have to take action.
  13. I have a gaming mouse from Teknet om gaming pc (Win10). It's pretty nice..at least for my needs. It's config software is...not great, but I have it working to some level. Here's the situation: I'm playing Champions Online a bunch right now, and decided I wanted to make use of the 5 thumb buttons on the mouse. I found, with no config, when I pressed button 1-5, the game would interpret the mouse presses as key strokes key 1 thru key5 Using the Teknet software, I set the buttons to send a CTRL-1 (thru 5), and that seemed to work just as I hoped. BUT, I've noticed that what's actually happening is when I press the thumb buttons, I get BOTH the programmed combo (Ctrl-1) but also the original keystroke (1) in the game. Chatting with experienced players, they think it's a game side problem (it's 11 years old, so the thought is it's just interpreting the extra mouse stuff as an extra keyboard) There is not a way to just program the buttons inside the game. MY QUESTION IS, can the very smart and clever people here suggest a solution? On my imac, I have a program (controllermate) that let's me change what the mac sees...as a whole, or program by program...when a button on a usb device is pressed (so I ahve several number pads that are used for various macros and stuff...only hardwired things like a "000" key can't be changed. Is there stuff like this available for Windows? Do you think that might work, or might the game still see the regualr numbers, since in theory it should only be seeing what the teknet software tells it in the first place?
  14. You're asking why Apple doesn't make it easier to hack the iPhone?