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    32GB DDR4 2400
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    Nvidia GeForce 1070 TI 8GB Zotac 1070 ti,
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  1. My iMac has an internal ssd and a hdd. The ssd is going/gone bad... the hdd is fine. I decided when the ssd started having problems, after much research, that replacing it was WAY more than I want to go through...swapping out the internal hdd for a ssd wouldn't be too big a problem, but I decided it'd be a waste.
  2. My iMac runs on a 1tb SSD in a Sabrent USB3 case. I think I may wish to replace this. I've started having issues that might be drive problems..though it seems to be fine in all tests... or might just be issues with the enclosure. It's securly velcroded to the back of the Imac, but maybe it's cord loosens on occasion with desk knocks. (iirc, it was a free after rebate from new egg, so not the highest quality) I'm considering maybe getting a different enclosure for the current drive... this one is "shockproof" and has a built in cable so maybe it'll have less issue. I'm reviewing the various Techquickies on SSDs and M.2 for shopping, but wanted some addition thoughts from the forum. Like maybe going with a m.2 drive in a m.2-> USB3 enclousure (usb 3.0 only)....I know/think I won't get improved speeds, but maybe physically it'll be better? Thoughts?
  3. Did I not sleep enough? Where's my tech enthusiests at?
  4. Yeah.. right now the samsung is 50%ish off at $229 https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Electronics-Wireless-Controllers-XE800ZBA-HC1US/dp/B07HS7R1RT/ Sadly, Linus and co never reviewed it...I watched a review video by some guy which was very possitive, but not someone I've seen before, so shurg Hopfuelly more folks will chime in with thoughts while I sleep
  5. I'm toying with the idea of getting a "mixed reality" headset, like HP's or Samsung's HMD Odessy. I'd like to dabble with VR, but I'm not gonna go all hog wild into the big games like Linus does in his reviews... maybe some basic games, VR movies..stuff like that.. Has anyone played around with such things? any recommendations, opinions, or advice? (I have a Tek VR headset.. the $30 walmart thing...it works a bit with Steam VR, though I'm still sorting out the controller...which without I'm not able to move about in steam vr home and really do stuff, but can look around, and do some video, so is a bit of fun).
  6. When Floatplane goes down, is it a crash or does it sink?
  7. I got thru TSA with a lightsaber the other week. No hassles. The previous flight, though, they swabbed my beagle's butt.
  8. You sound like te person to talk to when I replace my 5s as my active phone...
  9. Could be a difference in the models.
  10. Anyone notice this "don't alter things companies don't want you to alter" guy's avatar is an altered Disney cartoon?
  11. Siri by voice ("Hey siri") only works when plugged in/charging. My iPhone can only go up to ios 12, and it has pretty fully capabilites... netflix, videos, games etc.. Newer stuff will have issues, for sure, but it's pretty capable (and while the new OS isn't coming, there are new security updates)
  12. On a recent trip to Disney, I realized my battery bank is crap...I mean, I knew it was cheap crap when I bought it, but I got it before I really knew anything about them...and while I still don't know anything, something better is at the top of my black friday to get list... Is the info in this Techquickie still valid for a primer to help me shop? It's 3 years old, and i don't know how much the tech has changed in that time...
  13. The battery life on my iPhone 5s is getting pretty dire. On vacation last week, it needed multiple extra battery charges t get thru a day of just basic use and photos.. obviously, it's old, and no longer getting os upddates, so I'll in the not too distant futre be getting something newer, but for now, I'm thinking of replacing the battery. New batts are pretty cheap on ebay, and ifixit mannuals are aplenty, and I doubt I'd have a problem doing the job, but I wanted to ask for opinions and pitfalls to look out for in this?