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  1. I have dell freesync monitors
  2. So you are saying I should probably just not try to do both on the i5 and rely on the AMD for that... got it
  3. Guess I should toss the card into my Ryzen 7 2700 box and see if its the CPU
  4. with a 6 core coffee lake? I have 16 gigs of ram in it too
  5. So I put a 5700 in my i5 9400f system and have 2 monitors up. When I am playing games on one monitor and watching youtube tv on the other the tv stuff stutters anyone know why or if I can fix this?
  6. Pretty much exactly this. I was hoping to score the Sapphire pulse 5700 but at a 300 dollar after rebate price the reference blower card was just a better buy so I got it instead.
  7. With that CPU id just put an rx 570 4 gig in it unless you want to use the new GPU as an upgrade part for later on
  8. Why not just get a 5700??? THE ray tracing on the 2060 is junk and you can get 5700s for the same price
  9. Personally I just bought the reference non XT because I sold my 2060 to a friend and they had a rebate on the 5700 blower that made it 300 bucks US and I have an ITX build so the blower won't be bad at all.
  10. I asked about buying that card back in the day and EVERYONE said it was a pile of junk. Evidently there are components on the back of the card that aren't actively cooled and can be very problematic
  11. I own the EVGA 2 fan 2060 and I have no complaints and it fit in my h200 NZXT itx case
  12. I am really torn between the Nitro and Red Devil, but I think the fact that the nitro has an RGB input on it that I can use to sync it with the rest of my system is the decision maker. I am probably ordering the Nitro in the next couple weeks. Though I really do like the Red Devil as well noticing this one feature was about the only real thing I could see that was any kind of advantage and a nitpicky one at that over the other one. I also kinda like the more simple classic look of the Sapphire card, but I do also have the bias of hearing repeatedly that if you are going to buy an AMD graphics card that Sapphire is top tier. Not that Powercolor isn't but yeah that's kinda where my thoughts have been
  13. Djinnux

    2060 Super

    So its looking like the Red Devil XT will end up winning eh...
  14. So I am in the market for a Video card to drop in my R7 2700 build that is currently using an AMD fire v5900 lol..... I have it on a Gigabyte Aorous MB and the Aorous 2060 super looks visually like it would be awesome looking in my build, but am I doing the performance that much of a disservice if I choose to use that card vs like the nitro + or Red Devil 5700 XT???