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  1. Djinnux

    8350K Worth it?

    I'm a little indifferent really.
  2. Going to build a pc is the 8350k worth lookin at or should I just get an r5 2600
  3. Djinnux

    Building a PC for my Son

    8350k opinion?
  4. Djinnux

    Building a PC for my Son

    But as mentioned above is the 8350k a reasonable alternative since you can overclock it and get some better IPC since he is only going to be gaming on it and doesn't need a lot of cores or threads for much else?
  5. Djinnux

    Building a PC for my Son

    The 2600 and 2400g are very similar in price right now so if I am going with a stand alone GPU why not get the 2 more cores and bail on the Vega 11?
  6. Djinnux

    Building a PC for my Son

    I am not dead set on AMD either, if an Intel would work well for what we are looking at id be open to that
  7. Djinnux

    Building a PC for my Son

    The budget isn't really an issue but I don't see any sense in building a 12 yr old a 4k gaming rig. Just a good value PC for running most current titles at around60 fps at 1080p. I suppose I want to keep it between 4-500 if possible I do have an MSI 1050 gaming x in my pc that I could put in this and get myself a different GPU if I wanted but I am running a 4770 right now and just don't see any reason I need much of an upgrade so maybe ill put a 570 or 580 in mine and give him the 1050
  8. Djinnux

    Building a PC for my Son

    Is the i3 being cores only and not SMT over a ryzen 2600 any actual better? I mean if the IPC was a ton higher and there was no real benefit to the lack of SMT or the 2 more cores its similar in price so????
  9. Djinnux

    Building a PC for my Son

    My budget for it is somewhat open ended. I have a few parts we can re use like a storage hard drive and a case/monitor/kb/mouse all that stuff..
  10. Djinnux

    Building a PC for my Son

    Well he enjoys playing Destiny and Overwatch on my PC so I probably should just bite the bullet and get him a discrete GPU huh... I wanted to go APU to save a few bucks but it sounds more like sunken investment if I will end up needing to get him a GPU anyway. the 2600 is similar pricepoint these days with 2 more cores and 4 more threads which I have no idea the benefit to him but probably better to have it than not.
  11. So I am going to build my son his first gaming computer and I am considering the AMD 2400 G APU for the build. Question would be is the Vega 11 reasonable enough to get him by for a good while or is he going to be moaning about it right off the bat and I am going to be better off just getting him a 1050 and a 2600?