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  1. FIThrowaway2738

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Got a new rig for work. Desk is a wreck, as is the rest of my classroom, as we're still under construction. I got a grant for a new club I'm running; HS Audio Engineering (I teach English, Algebra, & Personal Finance). Still a work in progress, but the PC is up. Ryzen 5 2600 ASRock X470 Master SLI/AC 16 Gb Corsair RAM 256 Gb M.2 SSD 1TB Seagate HDD 7200 RPM XFX RX 570 8GB 4 27" 2560x1440 Viewsonic Monitors 75" 4K Samsung NU6900 Smart HDTV Two cheap wireless mice/keyboard combos My rig is a bit unique; the PC is hidden in the background of the photo, behind the analog mixing console at the front of my classroom. When the monitors above the console are on, they mirror the monitors in front of my desk, which is in the back (or, in the foreground of the photo). I'm building two racks which will house my external soundcard/audio interface(s), 16 channels of Presonus AD/DA converters via firewire. the HDTV will be mounted above the soundboard, and I'll be able to "drag" windows up to the TV, or cast to it via my Tab S4 or Chromebooks via Chromecast. We also have a 24 track reel to reel tape machine to record to coming this week; super pumped at running all the cable for this setup!
  2. FIThrowaway2738

    AMD Computex live stream

    Lol Some doofus started the YT livestream early and caught them practicing... info leaked...
  3. Hi all, Building a Ryzen workstation for my school's audio engineering club. We'll have access to a dual 1440P monitor setup, with a 4K tv w/ HDMI as an available input. I'd like to have all three available as one desktop, with the dual 1440P (at 75 hz) monitors on bottom, and the 4K tv 'on top', so that when recording/mixing music, I can drag the man window to the TV, and keep plugins/misc stuff on the dual monitor setup. There's not going to be any gaming on this rig, just strictly audio recording via studio one and cakewalk, along with regular teacher stuff (google docs, grade inputting, etc). I was thinking that a GTX 1060 3gb would work, as I can use the DisplayPort's for the monitors, and one of the HDMI ports for the 4K tvs. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  4. FIThrowaway2738


    By buying tech stocks, you are certianly putting eggs in "one basket"; instead, you should identify a goal: what do you plan to spend the money on, what dollar amount are you seeking for that money to achieve, and what time horizon do you have. Coupling that with the starting value of your cash outlay (say, $500), will allow you to more easily choose an investment. Keep in mind that fees, both for an advisor or broker and trading fees, exist for individual stocks when bought and sold. In addition, nearly all funds have AUM fees, which are compounded daily and also eat into your return. As such, it's highly recommend Ed that for those seeking initial investment advice to research index funds, and to purchase simple, broadly diversified indices; total us market, total international, and if young then perhaps a small cap valur and emerging market sliver each to slightly overweight those two asset classes. Though they are more volitile than the overall market, with a 25+ year investing horizon, small, value, and up and coming companies have historically done well. Finally look into low/no fee funds at Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, iShares, or SPDR. Don't take my comment as wholesale advice; merely use it as a springboard to learn about these concepts and. Make a decision yourself. The reddits on Financial Independence, investing, and the bogleheads website are all wonderful sources on how to invest successfully. Best of luck! EDIT: to answer your rephrased question: what tech stocks I buy: All. I buy every stock publicly traded in some form or another. Because I don't just put eggs from some baskets into my own; I buy the whole basket.
  5. FIThrowaway2738

    What is the strangest PCIe expansion card you have seen?

    Apogee Symphony 64 AD/DA card, to connect to converter for audio recording
  6. FIThrowaway2738

    Need 4 reason why technology is good in schools.

    Understanding technology is merely understanding the mores and expectations of communication in the 21st century; by integrating contemporary technology into the schools and classroom, educators provide students the means and opportunities to develop the technical and communicative skills expected by society at large. Just as one pays for a $5 meal with five or more dollars, or someone stops at a red light instead of hitting the accellerator of their vehicle, each of these markers allows us to understand each other and communicate with more clarity and precision. Modern technology is merely the interface that students today will be expected to know; ergo, educators need to...get this...educate students on what's expected of them.
  7. FIThrowaway2738

    How 'OLD' is your pc?

    Ryzen 2600 build, 3 months old. Before that, a 2011 MBP. I did repurpose my 30" ACD though; it's pretty neat.
  8. To be fair to the OP, it's safe to assume he or she grew up with texting as the ligua franca, and hence developed those skills whiles neglecting verbal communication. I went to an engineering school for undergrad, and coupling the web's influence with an engineer's personality type just wrecked havoc on those student's abilities to communicate in longhand/formal typset or verbally. In addition, text allows one to visually see what is being communicated; to consider tone, to refine, or even edit after submitting! This allows a degree of separation from the anxiety brought on by spontaneous communication. Understanding how one gets to this point and the crutches they rely on only allows persons like the OP to go ahead and make a change.
  9. FIThrowaway2738

    College application essay tutorials

    As a HS teacher with a college professor spouse, I can say grades matter very little and for good reason. A 4.0 GPA with advanced courses is not the same as a 4.0 with fillers, gym, and home ec. However that's only scratching the surface; over the past 50 years, there's been a push towards grade. Inflation and, contrary to the myth of Common Core, curricumum, rigor, and equality between districts is non-existent. Due to local culture in my rural area, my current algebra students are struggling; in fact, some cannot even decipher what to do with the likes of "5x+11=21", with them unable to recognize what the inverse of plus or divide are. Because of this, my students are already 9 weeks behind. This occurs across the board. If students get credit for "algebra 1" move to a new school and take their next math course, the instructor reasonably with assume that the student is prepared. But that is not so. This is endemic across public education. As such, tests like the ACT, college entrance essays and exams on top of the ACT, are in place to ensure a students preparedness for the material ahead. It's not merely for a 'holistic' view; it's simply a form of insurance for a risky asset (read: students with no security future income and sketchy educational backgrounds to boot. Risk is risk.) In short: do your best in school. Don't be an idiot. And don't assume that what you're being asked to do will prepare you. Because chances are, you've got some catching up to do. Sorry.
  10. FIThrowaway2738

    What's your avatar all about?

    My guitar.
  11. As stupid as it sounds, practice. If you're of school age, speech class is the place where the formal vocal register is learned (presentation skills, verbal and visual cues, etc). However if you're unable to do this, simply practicing/preparing a 2-3 minute speech with intro, main, and conclusion, recording yourself, and honing in on the things you find unsavory can do wonders. Is it awkward? yes. Is it a PITA? You betcha! However a couple of evenings of this, and you'll soon begin to understand your strengths and areas of opportunity, adjust accordingly, implement in 'the real world', see results, and develop confidence, which will compound your progress further. This is doable. Hang in there, you can do it! Source: Myself, as I'm a HS Communication Arts teacher.
  12. FIThrowaway2738

    Whats with the obsession with LEDS

    Why pay extra to go windowless??? Seems like just as much 'epeen' as those seeking the most RGB. If one is truly seeking performance and is RGB agnostic, then one would go for the best VALUE case, not merely to go with or buck a trend.
  13. FIThrowaway2738

    How could I save/earn money as a teen for a pc

    Why $1500? Start with WHAT you want, components-wise, and buy a part at a time, as they have rebates or go on sale.
  14. 22-Year-Old Found Dead Inside Google’s NYC Office Yikes!
  15. FIThrowaway2738

    Show off your latest purchase!

    1971 Les Paul Custom.