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  1. It is showing me constant red light, no white light on pressing Xbox button. I installed drivers and update firmware but still not working in any game.
  2. I am talking about Intel dGPU, which claims to be having 7nm process and some 66Tflops power. Will it be affordable for gamers.
  3. AMD claim Radeon 7 to be 13TFLOPS which is higher then RTX 2080 10TFLOP, still in terms of performance Nvidia having the lead. WHAT TEAM GREEN IS SMOKING!!???
  4. AMD always has to shrink it's fabrication process to match up with Intel as well as Nvidia. AMD's latest Vega 7 claim to have 7nm chip but still lagging behind Nvidia's 2080 while flagship is 2080ti. And on the top of it it's efficiency is still worst than Nvidia. And same with AMD and intel, Intel is always ahead of AMD when it comes to performance and cool chip.
  5. I have Asus Phonixe RTX 2060 MINI ITX 170mm gpu it's having only one 90mm fan. Is there here any way to change it.
  6. I want upgrade my monitor, to some good but cheap G-sync compatible monitor say 1080p 144hzs. My gpu is RTX 2060.
  7. I want to buy new gpu for sub 500 CAD, is RTX worth buying.
  8. Problem solved I tried another monitor... it works...so I bought new monitor.
  9. I used rx 580 which was working well and this 1070 is brand new. And there is no COMS on my mb...no jumper. My mobo is given in above link.
  10. Yes fans spin and light up but nothing popup on screen.
  11. I built this pc. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/DhruvGhayal/saved/2k9ZRB Please help I booted the system but my display is not turning on with gtx 1070....I checked with my fnds rx 580 it was working well.