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  1. 1660 Super doesn't have DLSS support? O_o
  2. I have, right now, a Ryzen 7 1700 and a Ryotoro Enigma 80+ Gold 750W I've been researching and I might upgrade to a Ryzen 5 3600, since it's affordable for me and apparently better than the 1700
  3. Mmmmm....right now I woulnd't need more; I'm basically streaming CoD and other middle name games in the near future.... The only thing it's making me wonder it's Cyberpunk....
  4. That was mi intention....but there is also a performance difference between the 1660 and the 2060....but besides FPS, not sure if it'd make sense for productivity (streaming and video editing)
  5. It's a hot GPU....to sustain a decent temperature it has to go over 65% speed....therefore noise is bad
  6. That sounds familiar with my Sapphire NItro RX580....fans are LOUD.....so freaking much that it's annoying
  7. Why is so bad? Being EVGA that surprises me A LOT
  8. I think you mean "the* cheapest" right? like "choose the 2060 that is cheaper
  9. Right now when I'm streaming CoD, it swallows 100% of the GPU....and it's annoying while between games doing other stuff. I've another PC with a 1050ti, less FPS for sure, but GPU usage is much flexible for multitasking on streaming. That's what it make me think to upgrade....that and it's freaking loud and drains way too much PSU usage
  10. Can't find a 5700 for les than 350€....both 1660 and 2060 have special lower offers under the 300 range
  11. Also, in case that I go for the 2060, which one would you chose of this 2? ZOTAC: https://www.pccomponentes.com/zotac-gaming-geforce-rtx2060-6gb-gddr6 KFA2: https://www.coolmod.com/kfa2-geforce-rtx-2060-1-click-oc-6gb-gddr6-tarjeta-grafica-precio?virtuemart_category_id=0
  12. I checked some games benchs and it's between a 10 and 20% fps upgrade
  13. I do use Premiere...right now with a RX580