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  1. saturdayeveningpost

    4790k Overclocking Lifespan question.

    Thank you both, I was able to adjust it, but failed the overclocking when typing a multiplier even lower than what it did automatically at 46....I am obviously far too much of a tech noob to do it manually. So, I resign and am now back to 4400mhz(default) after letting it auto tune like 12 times with a different result each time.
  2. saturdayeveningpost

    4790k Overclocking Lifespan question.

    Thank you for the replies, I will continue at 4.6 for the time begin. @Jurrunio i would like to get off auto, but for the life of me, I cannot find the 'multiplier'. So I have had to let it for now.
  3. Hello. I had recently allowed my Ai tuning/tweaker in Bios to automatically overclock my 4790k to 4.6ghz at 1.35 core voltage. I am using a cryorig ultimate for cooling and it stays usually well under 60c when gaming. It was extremely stable and cool, but reading online about safe voltages of 1.3 and under for haswell made me weary, and have since backed it down to 1.25 v at 4.4ghz(default, I believe). My question is, giving it was running so cool at 45-60c on average, would the 1.35 voltages truly limit my cpu lifespan down to 3-4 years? I have seen some people say yes, and some say no if your cooler is adequate. Thank you for your input!