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    Ryzen 5 2600 @4.2Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime b350m-e
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengence LPX 2x4Gb DDR4-3000
  • GPU
    Asus Strix GTX 1070 TI
  • Case
    EVGA DG-76 (with riser cable)
  • Storage
    250Gb Kingston A1000 NVMe
  • PSU
    EVGA 750W GQ
  • Display(s)
    Asus VG236
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    Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow Chroma V1
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Windows 10 x64 Pro

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  1. yeah that definitely looks like a ribbon cable issue to me. I'd actually go so far as to say it's probably just loose rather than damaged. I wouldn't even bother with the light test anymore. Thought if you want to go ahead it can't hurt. What's your laptop model ? depending on how it's assembled you might be able to tell by pushing down on the case in specific spots while the screen is "distorted" as you say.
  2. if an external display works as you said you can safely conclude it's not your GPU. I'm curious about what you mean by "Screen distorted", if you are sometimes getting a messy image from tilting your screen I'd assume it's the ribbon cable. Except for dead/stuck pixels or being cracked there isn't much that can go wrong with the LCD panel it's self. What I would like you to try is shinning light on the black screen (when it's supposed to be lit) from various angle too see if you can make out an image. If you do it's your screen's inverter that is at fault, Might need a new inverter might just need a new power cable for it.
  3. try shinning a light on it from various angles see if you can actually see any image. Odds are the inverter for the LCD's back-light finally failed. monitor issues will generally have nothing to do with the MB.
  4. This has happened 3-4 times within the last week for about a second at a time. My monitor has displayed random pixels colors all over the screen much like those websites you find online that are supposed to fix dead pixels. Its not quite as bad though since you can see what's supposed to be displayed thru the mess of random pixels, I'd say about 30% all the monitor's pixels seem to continue to function normally when this occurs. Its never occurred while gaming so far (relevant since this means it's only occurred to date while the GPU is at it's 140mhz idle clock). Its an Asus VG236 @120hz connected via dual-link dvi-d to a gtx 1070ti. What do you guys think of this issue ? Is my monitor finally kicking the bucket ? I know its an old TN panel but its a really good one image wise (the 99.9% of the time it doesn't display random pixels).
  5. @jakkuh_tAny way to just get a list of the black listed URLs so that someone could just block them via the hosts file ( C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts ) ? If you need to manually set up every pc to connect to the pihole anyways, might as well just configure the host file to do the same thing
  6. Could you guys make a video about how to make an WiFi/Bluetooth jammer with an arduino ?
  7. I thought it was Linux tech tips for a long time & never bothered watching for a couple of years.
  8. Oh boy let me at it, - heat gun to a dead GPU die to fix it; check - Opening up an old PSU and trying to bypass a couple of safety relay's to see if that will fix it; didn't work but check - replacing a dead laptop display with a cheap 20" LCD TV; check - Melting thru the casing of a laptop with a hot knife to get at the CPU, check - Placing a giant ice cube under said CPU to keep it from overheating, check - Motherboard's Sata controller dies, use a 16GB micro SD card installed in the cheap integrated card reader as a boot drive (sorry linus I did it first and more janky) & an external hard drive enclosure for game library; check - 40" flat screen TV dies, figure out it can make it work again by melting a hole in the back with a hot knife so I can unplug the back-light, turn the TV on then plug the high voltage wires back in while the TV is running; check - removing the MB from a laptop and baking it in an oven to fix the discrete GPU, check (before I got the heat gun) - Striping the wires out of some ethernet cables and soldering them to my mechanical keyboard to replace the faulty USB cable; check - random ass heat sink & fan zip tied to CPU socket; check - DIY thermal paste; failed (see bellow) but check - Toothbrush and alcohol to an intel LGA socket cause said thermal melted and got all under the CPU; check - Chipset heatsink fell off, tie it back on with twine; check - replacing laptop fan with desk fan; check Everything worked except if specified otherwise. I took the name, "Necrocomputing" for a reason.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Desktop-Notebook-Motherboard-Analyzer-Diagnostic/dp/B00DGNYYHI Though for what you are thinking it would be more of a feature built into a high end motherboard
  10. I had a case that had a thermal probe that you could install on the side of the CPU's IHS to read temps. Not too sure how that would work with intel's dubious socket designs.
  11. My father believes she emits some sort of electromagnetic field when emotional. Apparently she managed to kill 3 alternators in my dad's car in the first 3 months of them dating. He claims to have resolved the issue by making her wear a ground strap attached to the car body.
  12. wasn't the 53 dollar PC also all from ebay ?
  13. Also you know those fake windows security alert, you have a virus pop ups ? Well I once met a guy who called up the number; then since he was having a hard time understanding the Hindu scammer on the other end, decided it was just easier to throw his PC out.
  14. You know what, I have my own story about my non-techie family. First of all I am like so many others in this thread the "family IT guy". Last month I had to talk her into spending 40$ to replace her defective printer... She complained about having to get another one all week despite literally having found the last one in someone's trash 5 years prior. A few days ago I get a call that her printer isn't working and that she lost display on her PC; I get over to her place and find nothing wrong with the printer (she probably was pressing the wrong button to turn it on). THE PC HOWEVER; oh boy somehow she managed to completely kill the GPU & corrupt the windows install on the SSD at the same time by playing around with the wires coming out the back of her PC (she thought something was unplugged). I ended up setting her up with an old I3 laptop and told her to wait 6 months cause I'll likely be upgrading my Ryzen build.
  15. This is quoting a 6 year old comment but just want to point out that it was CTRL+ALT+DEL before windows 7