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  1. Justinzonfire

    First Build - looking for input on everything

    Never buy windows at full price. I believe there's a Linus video on it but there are many places to get legit keys for ~£10
  2. Do you have anything else plugged into the same outlet/Surge protector? Might not be a PC issue and more of an outlet issue. Just a thought!
  3. Justinzonfire

    Why does my laptop keep doing CHKDSK at every boot?

    how olds your laptop? is it a standard HDD? if so it could be Hard drive Failure.
  4. Justinzonfire

    Custom loop question

    Sounds good! Yeah im looking now and it looks like after this i should be set!
  5. Justinzonfire

    Custom loop question

    What about a loop drain kit? worth it to have? where do i find one with the same metals as my kit? Thanks in advance! @GrockleTD
  6. Justinzonfire

    Custom loop question

    If I bought the Thermaltake Pacific C360 Ddc custom loop kit and bought more fittings and a GPU block, could this all be the same loop? Could the pump keep up with everything? Product list below. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q2HL58S/?coliid=I21AN6XH108EQ5&colid=17PTCALHCS6X3&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  7. Justinzonfire

    1440p on RTX 2070?

    Sadly it's not, but this really answers my question. Thanks man!
  8. Justinzonfire

    1440p on RTX 2070?

    Thinking about upgrading monitor to 1440, would an rtx 2070 keep up with 144hz on 1440 when paired with a 9900k?
  9. Justinzonfire

    Fortnite Middle East Servers

    are you on wifi?
  10. Justinzonfire

    Fortnite Middle East Servers

    There is latency between your PC to your Internet, your Internet to Epics internet, and Epics internet to Epics Servers. Somewhere along this line is choked. Are you on wifi or hardwired in? how fast is your internet? What Mobo do you have and does it support your internet speed?
  11. Justinzonfire

    Newegg promotion

    I think i saw the promo, and yeah will come in an email. I could have sworn i saw it was for use one PC and not Xbox which makes sense when bundled with a CPU
  12. Justinzonfire

    Gaming PC for 240Hz Monitor Build-Help

    without overclocking should pull this
  13. Justinzonfire

    looking for a new case.

    i have the Mb511 and love it
  14. Justinzonfire

    Gaming PC for 240Hz Monitor Build-Help

    Don't hold up on the brand honestly. They are all marginally similar. It's all coming down to aesthetics and Tempature. The ones with 3 fans will be cooler than 2 or blower.