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  1. Justinzonfire

    Picking a GPU

    If it comes out tomorrow, not a bad call. Sounds like it might be more expensive though.
  2. Justinzonfire

    which browser do you mainly use?

    Firefox for security, Chrome for ease
  3. Justinzonfire

    Original Mouse Manufacturer?

    Try opening the back of it where the batteries lay and find a serial number or product number!
  4. Justinzonfire

    Bowser is the New President of Nintendo of America

    Agreed " and yes, that’s his real name " Best part of the story
  5. Justinzonfire

    EVGA vs Gigabyte: 2080 ti: Which one? and other questions

    I could be wrong, but with the I5 I do believe you will be bottlenecked by that. 4k at 60fps is doable, but with an I5 might be dicey
  6. Justinzonfire

    Why are you on Floatplane?

    I love LTT, but really want to support Kyle... haha
  7. If an Engine is water cooled, why not water cool your CPU?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. ReggieGRS


      @Cyberspirit I can see that. I really like the Dark Rock Pro 4. The full black is just my style. I had to buy a D15 cuz Dark Rock is not for sale anywhere in my country and the import fees here are just monstrous to go international.

    3. LukeSavenije


      I'm personally thinking of getting a freezer 34 duo some day...

    4. Justinzonfire


      @LukeSavenije If I cared about performance more than aesthetics, I think air is the way to go! I've seen air coolers crush a ton of AIO's. If I ever go to air, ill keep that one in mind haha

  8. Justinzonfire

    Build help...

    This list looks good, but I imagine you would want a larger HDD which won't be too much of a hike up. Also, I would go with the Ryzen 5 2600x model! This will not bottleneck! @pothead420
  9. Justinzonfire

    i7 6700k Heat?

    That's good in my opinion for only a 120mm AIO
  10. Justinzonfire

    I need a new motherboard

    Can't preach it enough, GIGABYTE! Get the Aorus pro, or pro wifi! all around $200USD
  11. Justinzonfire

    I need a new motherboard

    Whats the budget?
  12. Justinzonfire

    dell optiplex 780 needs some care

    Yep this is what i was going to say!
  13. Justinzonfire

    AMD to Nvidia

    ive never had an issue installing then installing drivers. Just download the Geforce experience software, they will keep your 1080 up to date!
  14. Justinzonfire

    is raid a thing i should do?

    Its a huge pain in the butt, mostly because you already have everything partitioned. If you are willing to clean install, it's not that bad!
  15. TO ADD, IF YOU DONT WANT TO BUILD THAT'S FINE TOO. You would save a ton of money, however, you get one warranty, rather than 5 different warranties and support from digital storm is pretty good as reviewed by a few YouTubers like Linus. Plus you can do a custom water cooled CPU loop, and those are sick, especially when someone else does it for you. @Eric loco