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  1. Can you explain More? I have 0 knowledge on that kind of stuff haha
  2. Hi, i created a page in webnode, and i bought a domain, how can i make that when i put the domain it redirect me to the page of webnode?, I want that because the domain has an easier name that the webnode
  3. The thing Is that i tried todo make raid 0 and it doesn't work, it said "inaccesible boot device" so now i put everything like before, actually a press "default" on the BIOS so everything should work now right?, No because now when i put Windows it shows me the drive but like with raid 0 and i can't do anything, help. (The HDD is of 1000gb and show me 1800)
  4. Yes, but if i can't watercoled i want the warranty
  5. Nono, i just put the steam yo prove i have 20MB, but even pause the max speed on opera Is 300KB
  6. Hahahah i uploaded In the wrong subforum, i know, the thing i don't know it's how to delete this lol
  7. Hi, i have a problem that when i download something on opera it's so slow, i have a 160mb speed but opera download things at 300KB, I have the dame problem with Origin. Steam Is the only app that download things at the right speed
  8. Well, I'm not gonna watercoled because I'm not sure if it works Haha
  9. Yes, i know that, but like i said before, when i change my old router to this (a D-Link) i got good speeds in every page, but it last like 1-2 days and then it was slow again
  10. I'm downloading gta from the app of rockstar, i don't have problems with steam, Is the only app that give me the correct speed
  11. I'm from Chile, my ISP Is telefónica del sur I'm downloading from my pc directly from ethernet cable (cat6)
  12. This is my actual speed, but with gta for example i download at 500kb as i said before