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  1. I found a GTX 970 for $135. Is that a good deal? I don't have an infinite budget so I want to be smart with my money. Is there that large of a difference between a 970 and a 1060/980? Is the performance increase worth the extra cost?
  2. Hi All, I am currently using a Xeon X3470 and a GTX 960 in my PC build. However, I have noticed when I play games that I can sometimes barely even reach 60 FPS, and when I do, the CPU is at less than 50% usage while the GPU is at 99%. So I decided that I wanted to upgrade my GPU since I have a little extra cash and would love the extra performance. Would you guys recommend sticking with the GTX 960, or switching to a GTX 970, 1050Ti, or 1060 (taking into account performance as well as price).
  3. So I just finished building my very first PC with a Xeon X3470 and a GTX 960 4GB. I downloaded all my drivers and just opened up Fortnite but it somewhat disappointed me with barely even 70 FPS on medium settings (especially because I watched a YouTube video on someone benchmarking almost the exact same specs with much better success). Is it possible that my CPU is bottlenecking my performance or are there other potential problems or settings that I need to change with a brand new PC.
  4. 1. Sorry about that. 2. The graphics card 3. HDMI 4. Yes (CPU and the huge 24 pin ATX) 5. Yes 6. Yes and changed input to HDMI Im pretty sure I got most of the basics so that just leaves broken parts, incomptaible parts (which I don’t think it is because everything should be compatible), or an error in assembly.
  5. So I finished assembling a new PC yesterday (Xeon X3470 with GTX 960). It would turn on and all the fans were running, however there would be no output on my monitor. So I troubleshooted a little, moved the RAM, etc and earlier today a screen finally appeared (I forget exactly what is said, but it was something about being unable to boot). So I turned it off, plugged in my Windows Installer USB stick, turned it back on, and of course, no more output on the monitor again. I tried troubleshooting some more but ended put taking apart everything, and reassembling it to see if anything would change. Now, the PC won't even turn on (nothing happens when I press the power button) even though I am pretty sure I assembled everything correctly. Do you guys have any tips on how I could possibly troubleshooting the PC not turning on and then not outputting and display signal? Do you guys have any experience with these same problems and have any guesses on what I could be doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated, I honestly have no idea what to do right now and I'm afraid I just wasted my money.
  6. My motherboard says it supports ddr3 1066 MHz or 1333 MHz. However, I only have DDR3 800 MHz as of right now. Will my computer still function properly when I build it if I use slower ram than supported? Thanks for the support.