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  1. Would you share the rest of your settings please? i'm absolutely unable to get my 2700x over 4250 across all cores at 1.4125v
  2. Right, i've ordered a kit of 2x16gb sticks TridentZ, thanks everyone!
  3. Ahh that sounds good, always running latest BIOS but this Ripjaws set wont go over 2400mhz CL16, it goes unstable & crashes randomly w/ found errors with Memtest, think i'll go for that TridentZ kit then, thanks for the reply! Also it took me way too long to realise your avatar had already loaded...
  4. Currently looking at replacing my Ripjaws V Hynix Die kit due to the low performance on my Ryzen 2700x system, the question then is this: How much does the QVL matter? I've found the "AMD" kit that IS QVL to my ROG STRIX X470-F, but at 2933MHz CL14 & not B-die (?) F4-2933C14D-32GTZRX Then i'm looking at the confirmed B-Die 3200mhz kit F4-3200C14D-32GTZR This is not on QVL for my Motherboard, i'm a little confused on which ones gives the highest possibility of reaching 3200mhz CL14 on Ryzen ( and also leaving 2 of my slots available for upgrade to total 64gb of capacity ) Any thoughts/Pointers?
  5. Been using PE Level 4 so far, does 3 offer something level 4 does not on this board?
  6. Well here's mine, think there might be a bit more to gain, however i've started to run into stability issues if pushed further I even had half of my SSD Raid Array go offline for a few reboots, took that as a hint to stop...happy with the results though! Note that Overclocking was done in AMD Ryzen Master, therefore it says "3.7Ghz" in CB, i got higher scores on 4.3Ghz in BIOS but those settings are so unstable