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  1. Hi, I just finished installing all my part except connecting header for my cpu cooler. My Aio system has 3 wires coming out from pump. 1. Mini usb connect to mobo USB 2. 3pin female connector for Motherboard 3. Y shaped split cable for fan. So number 2 cable, I connected to PUMP header on my MoBo. This is fine But number 3 cable has 2 cables. One connected to fan but there is extra cable. Is this where I connect to CPU header?? Or is this for extra fan connection??
  2. I fixed the location of the 12v pin to right location. But now I realized original one has 2 wire cramped on left side but custom one has 2 wire cramped on right side. Does ground wire location matters too??
  3. I ordered custom PSU cable for my GPU but it seems different from my original cable. Original Custom □□□□ □□□□ □■□□ □□□■ So the original has empty slot on the shaded pin out and custom cable has empty slot on the end of pin out. ***note that this is connector to PSU not GPU side Is this going to cause the problem? The guy who made the cable told me "The Type 3 housing are all 12v on the bottom and all grounds on the top pins. There are two wires crimped together in the top row because the there are 5 ground wires. The bottom is wired differently by the maker but they do not matter because they are all soldered into the same block inside the PSU"
  4. Actually, the picture is showing the PSU part of connector, not the GPU part. Does it still make any difference?
  5. I am sorry. I don't have any knowledge of pin layout. So is this mean, this is fine or not?..
  6. I ordered a custom PCIE power cable but I realized it look different than the cable came with PSU. Is this wrong? One on the right is original cable and one on the left with yellow wire is the custom.
  7. Its connecting with some cables too. Is that okay???
  8. So I completed small form factor PC today. But I ran into an issue. My fan was keep contacting with cables due to tight space. I installed metal fan grill on the fan to avoid cables touching fan fins. But now the fan grill is touch side of my motherboard. Is this going to cause any problem??
  9. https://kareonkables.com/products/ultra-low-90-degree-inverted-to-8-pin-pci-e-adapter-cable I am building new PC and ran into a clearance issue with connecting GPU power cable. I do not have enough clearance with regular connector so I bought 90 degree connector from a site. But that did not work too. So I found this connector (above site link). I was just curious since it does not have the plastic connector head, if it is safe to use the cable on that site. Any thought? Or is there any other suggestion? (No, I am not going to change my GPU nor Case, I really want to work this thing out)
  10. So are you saying using 8pin to 8pin is Fine?
  11. I am total noob. I bought EVGA 1070ti hybrid SC model. When I was installing GPU, I realized it came with 8pin to dual 6pin adapter but my PSU only has 8pin (6+2 pin) to 8pin. I heard 6pin connector is 75w and 8pin is 150w. So isnt it bascially the same even if I use 8 pin to 8pin rather than 8pin to dual 6pin??
  12. Thanks for your reply, yea it is not pressing down on gpu. it's just there. Good to hear that
  13. I hope it is okay. Also, about 1inch of my bottom radiator is blocked by the fan. is this going to be a problem also?? I just love this case and try to work this out as good as possible.
  14. Okay so, as you see in the picture, my gpu fan is blocked by the tube. I am worry that this will effect the temp of gpu. This was only position that I could put the gpu. Also I am concerning about the water flow due to the bending. Is this bad?
  15. yes I checked. And like I said, I disconnected power button wired and tried to force circuit the power with screw driver