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  1. How to enter in the uefi bios on the Asus vivobook15 x512DA
  2. Is the display on the vivobook15 x512-da really bad or the reviews on Amazon India are straight up bullshit?
  3. What is the therma solution taht Asus is using to cool this laptop in the title
  4. What is the thermal solution
  5. Need a detailed review of the thermal solution of the vivobook 15 X512DA
  6. wat about tempratures? describe the cooling solution.
  7. Need a review of the Asus vivobook 15 X512DA-EJ504T.
  8. ASUS VivoBook 15 X512DA-EJ504T
  9. Which one is better? I intend to a little casual gaming
  10. Hey guys need a quick comparison between r5 3500u and i5 8265u Performance wise
  11. The topic is making models for students that have chosen commerce
  12. Accounts to be specific
  13. We a group of 8 high school students of commerce section and thinking about Establishing a company that makes commerce models. Need a good name for the company
  14. hackgod

    Skype on TV

    Hey guys I recently purchased a new android Mi tv 4a 49 inch. I want to know if can it run Skype and any webcam. It runs on Android Oreo 8.1
  15. Need a bang for the buck build for ₹30000 P.s atleast 4 cores
  16. hackgod

    Wtf link

    If you want I can give you the credentials to login
  17. hackgod

    Wtf link

    I can't open ftp://mediarouter.home/ at all . This link is my ftp path. Helppp