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  1. I only have 2666 Ram. but ill try 3200. Also, I didnt crash on 4.2. ill stop while im ahead lol
  2. I'll try 4.2 at 1.4 V. Ill let u know what happens
  3. I have a Corsair H100i V2,, and I just got a R5 2600. What Voltage and clock speeds should I do. I have 1.144V and 3.9 Ghz and I get to 40 when I am doing a stress test. What should I do?
  4. I got the card on Newegg, and that is a good idea, the 980ti. A reference one is $225 on eBay. Should I get a different card so it will run cooler when oc
  5. I have a Rx 570 and the drivers won't install. I want to go team green, even though I can get better value from AMD
  6. Hmm. Ok I think I'll go with that. Prob just pocket the cash
  7. Sooo I need a new gpu, mine is giving me a BSOD loop, and I'm looking to get a 1660 ti. I am wondering if getting a 1660 and using the extra cash to get, say more ram, I only have 8gb. I have a R5 3600. What gpu should I get
  8. Hmm I'll prob go with the 3600, I don't do enough non gaming stuff. Thanks!!
  9. I do some light streaming, but that's really it
  10. I am wondering what Cpu I should get. I have a 2400g now, 16gb of ram and a 1660 ti. Should I get the 3600 or the 2700x
  11. I have a Ryzen 2400G and I want to upgrade. I have a RX570 and 8gb of ram. The 2700x is on sale for $199 and the 2700 is for $169. What should I get??? I also have a H100i AIO cooler.
  12. You would probably get about 90-100 fps. I would get some more Ram as well. A 16gb kit is about $60-$70 rn
  13. An SSD won't do tons for in-game performance. I don't play any of those games, but I'll try to find some numbers online.
  14. 1080 and a Ryzen 5 1600x??? Get a 3600. Absolutely your best bet. No way that isn't the problem.