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  • Birthday 1994-04-12

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    RJ, Brazil, where everybody disagrees with my fancy tastes.
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    Gaming Peripherals, All things RGB, High End PC Hardware, etc. I got the greens. Most of the time.
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    Just a lonely dude that loves his PC and gaming like nobody's business. No, that's not weird. Don't eve- Stop it.
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    Sleep, Eat, Play Games, Watch Youtube etc, Repeat.


  • CPU
    i7 4770K
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    16GB 1333Mhz Single Channel
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 1070
  • Case
    Corsair SPEC-03 Blue LED Mid-Tower
  • Storage
    167GB OCZ Agility 3 / 2TB Seagate Barracuda 7.2
  • PSU
    AeroCool Strike X 800w Silver 80 PLUS
  • Display(s)
    2560x1080 LG 25' 60Hz UltraWide
  • Cooling
    Stock Intel
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Mercury White
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
  • Sound
    Razer Man'O War 7.1
  • Operating System
    Win7 64bits

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  1. ReggieGRS

    Ideas on case fan push/pull combination

    Planning on 4.0 i believe it to be a small enough OC for the D15S to handle easily?
  2. ReggieGRS

    Ideas on case fan push/pull combination

    Rampage V Edition 10 OC'd 6950X with D15S 1080Ti The rig will be ready in about a month or so. I worry a bit cuz i probably won't be water cooling and am anticipating the cpu demanding a lot of cooling when OC'd. So i was thinking on "substituting" WC with excellent case air flow. Like, 3 frontal intake, 3 side intake, 1 rear and 1 bottom exhaust...
  3. ReggieGRS

    New headphones/headset for fps gaming

    Thanks! Will take that in mind when picking a new one. Mic quality is not important to me as i'm a single player gamer but still i like to branch out and only used razer and hyperx produts so far, time for something new!
  4. ReggieGRS

    New headphones/headset for fps gaming

    Taking advantage of the thread, how does it compare to razer man'o war? Mine's getting old and i'm thinking on getting a new one but i'm not familiar with this brand
  5. ReggieGRS

    Ideas on case fan push/pull combination

    I'm a little confused now... Push/Pull or Intake/Exhaust i thought to be the exact same thing but different wording... Also, what do you mean by radiators? Those are air case fans not water cooling... Sorry if i sound rude or arrogant i honestly don't know what you mean... =x Sadly i won't be able to control the fan speed. I thought the faster they spin the better cooling and performance i'd get... How much of a problem it is not being able to control their speed? Would you have a different suggestion on push/pull combo based on the fact that i won't be able to control them?
  6. ReggieGRS

    Ideas on case fan push/pull combination

    Isn't push just as important as pull? Too much pull and too little push wouldn't it be bad? They'll be connected to the PSU, everything will be at high speed (not bothered by noise) I'm in the middle of a hot summer season here so the fans will be intaking mostly hot-ish air anyway, So thought the balance would be a equal number of push and pull, no?
  7. Hey. Could you guys give me some ideas on how i set the push/pull combo on this case? Its a Thermaltake View 37 RGB Edition The version i bought came with a 2 120mm frontal instead of 200mm I was thinking on populating every space that can hold a fan with 120mms, total of 8. 3 frontal, 3 side, 1 bottom, 1 rear. The rear and bottom will obviously be push The frontal will be pull but i was a bit unsure on the side fans... I mean, side and frontal are close to each other, if i put the side as push, it'll probably push the fresh air of the frontal intake But if i put the side as pull as well, i thought that maybe wouldn't be enough push I want the best airflow possible... Ideas? Thanks...
  8. Joke about is a good way to air out the ugly in the world man it is as i see it. Also, having gone through depression myself i know pretty well how it is. While i'm not in danger of ending my own life, i can say that your definition of "petty" is just your personal opinion. You never know what goes on in one's life for them to consider whatever to be a legit reason. I find it unfair for you to call it "petty" upon hearing that, some could even consider that an insult or thinking you're calling them dumb for considering suicide over a "non-sense" reason as some would undoubtedly call it. Everyone is different and have their own unique list of priorities, someone out there may hold their PC at very top of the list and if they do, who are we to judge them? Buuut this is a tech forum not a mental health one. Just wanted to state that i have personal experience in the subject and didn't joke with a mean intent.
  9. Its nothing certain yet it might go either way but i will do some research to compare the D15S vs Dark Rock Pro 4, in terms of looks alone i'll go Dark Rock. I'll take full black over a potato any day (sorry noctua) but i might run into ram clearance issues with it (44mm quad channel)... So i won't ride the D15S out just yet cuz i might be forced to sacrifice beauty for compatibility IF i do end up choosing air, as i said, nothing certain yet. Appreciate the help.
  10. But its so high... i might break a leg or two hahaha but yea i do see what you're saying... Will buy a cpu cooler in about 20-25 days so there's time to think it through...
  11. True but i question their cooling effectiveness on a OC'd 6950X i think a D15 will be far more effective altho being ugly. The TT AIO not only looks great it probably performs great too but y'know, i'm a bit paranoid. As stated, maybe WC is not for me...
  12. It was figure of speech. Mostly. That is the purpose of it in this situation. The case and fans will be all nice and rgb so that WC would match beautifully. My other option was a noctua d15s which would ruin the asthestics of it but idk... i guess its better to sacrifice some beauty and have piece of mind than keep worrying things will go wrong... Yea... You think a noctua d15s will have a good performance in comparison with the WC i linked?
  13. I know it's a silly fear but can't helped specially since my new rig will rip my wallet apart from 5 to 8K USD This makes it even worse cuz if something goes wrong i won't be able to buy another for a long time I was told not to invest in cheap solutions as they're much more likely to give me any sort of trouble So i picked this one: Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition I assume this to be a quality piece Is there any advice when hooking it up or something? My biggest fear is it leaking and frying my rig from the inside... If just the WC somehow, someday stops working or whatever, then i can deal with. If it screws my whole rig (or some of it) then i'll just quit life.
  14. Will buy a mobo soon and can choose between these 2... Would like to know which one is better and why... They will work with a 6950X Thanks
  15. ReggieGRS

    RGB CPU Cooler on Mobo that doesn't support RGB

    With that you that it is a game of chances?... Whats the probably of it not lighting up? I don't mind not being able to control as long as it lights up... Likely gonna go on a "wave" setting on an endless loop as seen here: http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/masterair-ma410m/