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Queen Chrysallis

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About Queen Chrysallis

  • Title
    💚 Lady Chryssie 💚
  • Birthday 1994-04-12

Contact Methods

  • Discord
    💚Queen Chrysalis💚#6969
  • Steam
    Queen Chrysalis
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  • UPlay

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  • Location
    Brazil, where everybody disagrees with my fancy tastes
  • Interests
    Gaming Peripherals, All things RGB, High End PC Hardware, etc. I got the greens... Most of the time...
  • Biography
    I'm a complicated individual
  • Occupation
    I do stuff at home that nets me money


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    MSI MEG Z390 Godlike
  • RAM
    32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX
  • GPU
    Galax RTX 2080 Ti Hall of Fame
  • Case
    Thermaltake View 37 RGB Edition
  • Storage
    1TB Samsung 860 EVO / 6TB Seagate Barracuda PRO
  • PSU
    Corsair RM850i 80+ Gold
  • Display(s)
    2560x1080 LG 25' 60Hz UltraWide
  • Cooling
    Noctua D15S w/ 3 Noctua Fans
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Mercury White
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
  • Sound
    Razer Man'O War 7.1
  • Operating System
    Win10 Pro

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  1. Queen Chrysallis

    Are you high DPI gamer or low DPI gamer?

    i currently game and do everything else at 2100 DPI even tho my mouse can go up to 16000 lel
  2. Queen Chrysallis

    Discord issue

    keep an eye out for it, like i mentioned, support said there is no set time so yours could wear off sooner
  3. Queen Chrysallis

    Discord issue

    Idk, in my case i just removed the phone authentication and 2FA (which asks for password), then waited until the rated limited wore off then set them up again, mine took around 2-3 weeks iirc, i wasn't counting, i still had full access to my discord account in the meanwhile tho also quote or tag people otherwise they dont get notified that you replied
  4. Queen Chrysallis

    Discord issue

    @RealMeecles i've been rated limited when i change my number and wanted to change on discord as well and mistyped, according to support, the rated limited is auto gen by the system and there is not set time, it can take weeks, a month etc but it'll wear off eventually, there's nothing to do but wait
  5. Queen Chrysallis

    Is nothing sacred? Buttplug hacked!

    i see what you did there
  6. Y3dQSCC.jpg.2199234ef5b65c9459838579a293c74c.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Schnoz


      @Gegger what happened? was it an actual threat?

    3. Gegger


      Email threat of some sort with staff members mentioned by name


      sooooo yes

    4. Schnoz
  7. guess i wont be playing minecraft then, oh well, back to AAA
  8. Queen Chrysallis

    Anyone else like GPUs with no backplate

    no, backplate rules
  9. Queen Chrysallis

    I apologize to LTT community for my actions and also for being harsh

    its all good we love ya too man not even joking
  10. Queen Chrysallis

    Skip Far Cry 5 and go directly to New Dawn?

    FC5 Story-wise is shit as i've mentioned previously, but gameplay-wise is great and think you'd have tons of fun with it FC New Dawn is a continuation of it... Story-wise is fine, definitely an improvement over FC5 but gameplay-wise? meh, its really kinda the same with a few tweaks here and there, altho the price for the game was quite cheap when i bought it compared to FC5... New Dawn has a fresher look tho, won't deny, also the AI companions are better to control and use effectively in 5 than ND Both games, gameplay-wise are much better than FC4 so that is a def win regardless of which you choose tho i'm still biased towards FC5 as you can fuck around much better from the get-go as opposed to New Dawn as some stuff is restricted due to plot progression and grindy skill tree/comp kills IIRC you said you were gonna finished Origins first to try Odyssey so the only games i can think of that'd be worthy of playing are Ghost Recon Wildlands or the Mass Effect franchise (the first one is shit) tho i'm not sure if you're into those but to me they were good plays
  11. Queen Chrysallis

    Razer and the RTX Super

  12. Queen Chrysallis

    I'm a new member and I'm saying hi

    bribing them works just as well Hi welcome forum's great nothing shady goes on here at all i swear
  13. Queen Chrysallis


    This why you vanished from discord? is it getting worse?
  14. Queen Chrysallis

    Show off your latest purchase!

    $635 worth of hardware, welcome to brazil