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  1. I have 2 monitors with different backgrounds. The problem is that when I select multiple backgrounds, Windows automatically goes into "Slideshow" mode. This is quite annoying, as the monitors will change between the 2 pictures(at a max interval of 1 day), sometimes displaying the same one on both monitors. Is there any way to stop this from happening? Alternatively changing the slideshow interval to something like 15 years?
  2. Okay, so my sister is having a problem with her HP ProBook 430 G2 where it continuously scrolls left. This is a big problem when you have to study and can't scroll to the rightmost side of the page. She has tried restarting, that didn't work. Neither did disabling her touchpad and using a mouse. Any answers are appreciated!
  3. But if the volume of a micro SD card is 165mm3, that means you can store just over 6TB in a cubic centimetre. Doesn't that mean it would beat tape drives either way?
  4. Wikipedia says: "Sony announced, in 2014, that they had developed a tape storage technology with the highest reported magnetic tape data density, 148 Gbit/in² (23 Gbit/cm²), potentially allowing tape capacity of 185 TB." Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_tape_data_storage
  5. I've been trying to figure out what's the highest density storage medium you can buy(volume-wise). I know there are 512GB Micro-SD cards available, and appearantly Sandisk has a 1TB card to. If that is true, these cards must have a storage density magnitudes higher then any SSD or hard drive, but on all the websites I've seen discussing high density storage, there's never even a mention of SD Cards. According to Wikipedia the highest density medium is DNA, but I'm fairly certain you can't run out and buy yourself a DNA-drive just yet. So what is really the highest density storage available? If you had to carry petabytes of data in a backpack, what would be the best choice? All answers are appreciated!
  6. I was in Crete a few years back and ate some amazing sun-dried pineapple. I haven't been able to something like it anywhere, until I discovered agsnacks.com. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be any reviews on their website, and I can't find anything on Google regarding purchasing from them. Does anyone here have any experience with them? Product: https://agsnacks.com/collections/dried-fruit/products/sun-dried-pineapple-rings All answers are appreciated! PS: I live in Norway, and there are no physical stores that sell this.
  7. Wouldn't they refuse, considering this is an OEM key from kinguin?
  8. Forgot a key part of the question: How can I update my PC to Windows 10 Pro WITHOUT losing any of my data?
  9. Ok, so I just finished building my first PC a few days ago. I downloaded Windows 10 Home to it, and today I bought a Windows 10 Pro key, thinking I could just type it in, and it would update to Pro, but when I went to activate it, it didn't work. I also noticed afterwards that it says underneath the code on the kinguin website: "This product cannot be used to upgrade your system from another version!" How can I update my PC to Windows 10 Pro WITHOUT losing my data in order to use my key? Thanks in advance for all answers.