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  1. Id prefer more storage space. I run a few RAID5's at work, it takes overnight to rebuild on 4TB's of storage which is not so bad. If the rebuild time for 50 on 16TB is 3-4days then that is acceptable for me.
  2. Hey guys, I recently acquired 16TB's (8x2tb) worth of drives and i need a decent RAID card. My plan is to setup a RAID 50 or 60 (if needed), the setup itself will be used as storage for a hypervisor in a small business. Ive been looking around and LSI 9260-8i really strikes my eye, though i would like to spend a bit less if possible, i would be happy with "last gen" if they offer similar features. LSI's naming scheme and all the forks by dell, hp, etc... really makes everything confusing. I like the IBM ServeRAID M1015, but i don't think you can attach a BBU to it, also having pins for HDD activity led's would be a plus. I don't want to go FreeNAS, because i really don't like the stability on it and there would be no need for a second server. Any suggestions ?
  3. GZ on the 1mil, been almost since the beginning and honestly i love the old 1 take format and Linus himself as cameraman As a networking geek id love to see more high end non-consumer gear if you could get your hands on some Maybe a fiber optics 101 or something.
  4. The mounting mechanism looks like it could hold a normal AM cooler on it. Why do server boards come with 2 holes instead of 4 ?
  5. Servers what else, you people have a strange perception of old
  6. Hey guys, I need a cheap way to cool a bunch of AMD Socket F cpu's, do only specialized coolers/heatsinks mount on this socket or can i adapt lets say a AM2 (or any other) cooler to mount on Socket F ? I don't can't seem to find what would work for me, any suggestions ?
  7. Wires mean nothing at this speed, cat5 or 6 will give you the exact same performance.
  8. Mikrotik has its CCR series of routers if you really need 10gig capability for an affordable price. But really you will end up spending enough to buy a decent i7 machine.
  9. Its an option, but it might not work with custom firmware.
  10. Mine are tidy, but if i had a 100 running all over my floor i wouldn't mind. Use your head find places in walls that you can run them, put something over them in corners, you will think of something. As far as cats go i don't see one: http://cl.jroo.me/z3/1/L/Q/d/a.aaa-well-hidden-cat.jpg
  11. Chances are you wouldn't be able to configure it. If you want cheap better than consumer gear -> Mikrotik, Ubiquity.
  12. More clients, stability, reliability. On top of that you can have more than one SSID from 1 AP and split them via VLAN's, for example one AP provides a normal network and a network for guests which is restricted etc...
  13. Good good let the non consumer equipment flow through you This subforum will be empty in few years due to everyone using undying equipment and knowing how to set it up
  14. airFiber is not an AP, it does not comply with 802.11 standards therefore it cannot provide the wireless we are used to. It is meant as a point to point link only, it uses custom protocols to achieve that gigabit bandwidth, it is as the name suggests a fiber link in the air
  15. When i had a cap i blew it every single month, 8gb on a fiber connection thank god those days are over.
  16. If i recall correctly, when you copy wsock32.dll into the root folder of the game it lets you use TCP/IP instead of IPX. Works for some games.
  17. Finally Linus went the extra mile Both Ap1 and Ap2 will have to be configured with the same SSID and made to not conflict in the network (different IP's) and different channels. If both AP's are running dd-wrt its very simple to do, they have a thread on their forum explaining how.
  18. The Unify AC or picostation would work.
  19. Rather than changing your router just get an Access Point, the 4500 is still a good router just the lack of external antennas might be a pain sometimes. Ubiquity offers great if not the best AP's in the industry, if you have some money to drop and really want to change your router go with an Edgemax and buy a separate AP you won't regret it. Another option is something like the RB2011 from Mikrotik, rock solid wireless and a good router behind it, though it is hard to configure if you don't have prior experience. Enterprise equipment in general is not easy to configure just so you know.
  20. rufee

    which router?

    I had a TP-Link and i had 2 D-Links all of them were complete garbage. Also people would agree that the router of choice is now either the EA4500 and up from Linksys or Asus RT-N66 (or AC66).
  21. With electronics skills probably, but there really is no point in that.
  22. rufee

    which router?

    Either Asus or Linksys.
  23. You can run it on a P4 if you wish, but if you want spectacular performance a dual core is a good idea. 2 gb of ram is more than enough for one and an old HDD will work just fine, couple of good enough NIC's too.
  24. If you have nothing to hide why use a VPN anyway, it really doesn't help much just makes your internet experience worse if you play games. The only reason i see using a VPN is if you want to torrent in US.