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  1. burh4n

    HDD bracket for flat mounting

    Another two options for using the HDD top mount brackets, like the suspension one you posted. 1 - Use through bolts with a nut to clamp the bracket. Drill a hole through the wood, and you can thread the bolt from behind and use a wrench to get the bolt tightened under the HDD. I'm assuming there isn't a way to mount the HDD after the bracket is attached, but if there is that is definitely the best way to go. 2 - Option 2 would be to use blocks on the side of the HDD bracket for mounting, then mount the blocks to the wood panel. This way you'd have access to the back of the bracket before attaching to the panel.
  2. burh4n

    HDD bracket for flat mounting

    I would think you could try to use some equipment rack ears and drill out the right holes (if existing ones don't line up). You could also purchase an inside corner bracket from a hardware store and find some that have the right sized holes/spacing; or if you had the tools/space to cut some metal you could buy some hole punched angle bracing (or even flat) and bend it to the sizes you need. Rack ears: https://www.amazon.com/Premium-Inch-Rack-Mounting-Screws/dp/B01JWJYY24 Inside corner bracket: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Crown-Bolt-4-in-Zinc-Plated-Corner-Brace-2-Pack-15309/202033899 Hole punched angle: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-1-4-in-x-48-in-Zinc-Plated-Punched-Angle-801337/204225757 or flat https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-3-8-in-x-72-in-Zinc-Steel-Punched-Flat-Bar-with-1-16-in-Thick-802077/204225774
  3. burh4n

    Microsoft is Infuriating. - Surface Studio 2 Review

    Who's the Ninja Sex Party fan at LMG? By chance is it @AlexTheGreatish?
  4. While in school I used a Galaxy Note 10.1 for handwritten notes. I also used it for textbooks, managing assignments, email, and general internet tasks/browsing. Any time I had to write anything, make a presentation, or deal with spreadsheets; I went to a desktop. I have a strong aversion to using laptop keyboards and trackpads for some reason, so I would also go with a desktop for heavier tasks. To get to your question, are you like me or are you okay to do everything mobile? Do you already have Apple products or do you have Android devices? What do you really expect you will use the device for (not what you think or plan to)? If most of the work you do is not too burdensome to do on a tablet, then it comes down to personal preference. If you're like me and mostly work on desktops because anything outside of a normal mouse and keyboard is annoying, then maybe go with a cheap(er) option. When you finish school, do you think you'll keep this device and keep using it or are you planning to sell it? Think about your answers to those questions, they should help you better understand what you should get.
  5. burh4n

    What are some modern and beautiful tech?

    Ugh, I think they're ugly (although I greatly appreciate the engineering it took to make them) I prefer the 802s over the Nautilus for looks. I like the simple and elegant look of Sonus Faber speakers Although if I were to pick speakers for performance, I would go with another set entirely. Sticking to audio tech for a minute, the McIntosh amps can't be beat for looks (and performance) in my opinion Surprisingly, the Google Home Hub has a really nice look, the screen is something that has to be seen in person to appreciate (the dynamic lighting is excellent). LG OLED TVs also have a great sex appeal, especially when well calibrated
  6. burh4n

    Predict the future of technology: Volume 1

    I predict technology will continue to develop, for good and for bad, indefinitely until it is stifled by the fundamental bounds of physics.
  7. burh4n

    child friendly windows 10, email, and gaming

    Maybe check out the videos Linus did on building a PC with his daugter Also, I hear good things about showing kids computers, programming, and general tech by using the Raspberry Pi platform. There's tons of projects that can be worked on to learn on.
  8. burh4n

    How to convince teacher?

    Indeed they have, but it doesn't mean that anyone would have to choose to participate, and generally people don't tend to appreciate piss being all over the place. I don't follow, but I appreciate the non sequitur, +2 points.
  9. burh4n

    How to convince teacher?

    Don't bury the important questions, you should lead with them. In all seriousness tho, proving you're "the best" at anything isn't productive. If you ARE the best, you have nothing to prove, it will be recognized. You have to work hard to be the good at something, you have to work even harder to be great at something, and you have to devote your life to be the best; when you achieve that last one, you don't have to show people, they'll take notice. Be the best at learning, that's is the most valuable quality you can obtain.
  10. burh4n

    Computer desk for desktop?

    Well fair enough. If building isn't your thing you could always ask around with friends and family to see if they could help you out with putting something together. It's never too late to start learning something new.
  11. burh4n

    Computer desk for desktop?

    I built a desk from some lumber I got at Home Depot. I drew up what I wanted and laid out the dimensions so I knew what sizes I needed. I went to the store dropped $100 and bought two 4x8 sheets of 3/4" birch (honestly I can't recall what the wood was, but it is a smoother grain) and had them cut it for me to the sizes I needed. I spent a few days sanding and then assembled separate sections (easier to move). Brought it up to my office and fully assembled. I have a huge amount of desk space now and I ended up installing a mini pull out rack in the lower shelving for my UPS, power conditioner, and network switch. All in all, if you have the ability I highly recommend building your own. It's not as difficult as you might think (especially if you're familiar with basic hand and power tools) and it's quite enjoyable.
  12. So I'm relatively new to the forums, but I wanted to ask if anyone here travels for business? If you do, where do you travel to and what are your favorite spots to visit, eat, shop, meet people, or drink? Currently (at the time of this writing) I'm traveling for work and I'm in Taichung, Taiwan. I thought it would be interesting to find out if anyone has any recommendations of spots they've personally been to that I could visit, but figured maybe others could benefit from hearing about places elsewhere too. So, if you've traveled abroad and have any recommendations, leave a message. It would probably be best to name the city and country, along with as much detail about the place you have or can remember. Also, I know that some countries have a tendency to change rapidly (I hear restaurants in Taiwan do this), so let us know when it was that you last visited that place. Feel free to add any more info that you can or a cool story about your trip.
  13. burh4n

    what to buy for her birthday

  14. burh4n

    [REVIEW] Anker SoundBuds Curve

    You know, after you mentioned it I realized that I kinda feel the same way about Anker. I didn't realize but I also have a few other of their products, including USB-C cables and a 10k mAh battery pack. Thanks for the props btw
  15. burh4n

    LTX 2019 Suggestions!

    No idea if I'll be able to make it, but some random thoughts on what would be interesting Bring some of the epic builds from the show for people to game on; maybe even the sleeper builds? Lucky the dragon Maker/mod workshop or panel LTX live stream