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  1. So I have heard. I already have a side fund started for funds to move. I have also been working on building a resume so when the time comes, I can send it to multiple employers in hopes of getting a job. Job sponsors are a thing in Canada correct?
  2. Alright. Should be noted I live in America XD
  3. Hello all, I am in the process of trying to figure out my life after college and was looking at emigrating to BC. (I am a early planner as I feel more prepared). Currently I am studying English but already have some proficiency in article writing, script editing from theatre, etc. What would be my best route to prepare for applying and what would you all recommend I start doing. I know I would like to get a work permit there after I graduate and find a job. Not much else at the current moment. Hope I could get some advice here! Though I do know I won't get everything I need to know, it would be nice to get some from others who may have emigrated already or are also working on it.
  4. Grumbey

    Wurm Online

    I am am avid fan of the game Wurm Online and was wondering if anyone else here plays it or its standalone version? Would be cool if anyone does!
  5. Grumbey

    New here!

    Hello all! I am Grumbey and I have been a avid LTT fan. Been watching since about 2014 but never bothered to join the forums till now! I recently had to sell my desktop for college but next summer I will be building a new rig! Looking forward to many memories here!