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  1. BenCamps

    Personal website

    Go ahead and find a static site generator you want to learn. You can probably find one written in a language that you know if that makes you more comfortable. staticgen.com has a handy list of static site generators with which languages they use. A static site generator is essentially a piece of software that takes some content (usually in the form of markdown, images, and other resources) applies it to a template and spits out all the html, css, and js files for your site. Templates are generally a mash-up of html, css and placeholder stuff. You can start from scratch with your own templates or work from templates created by others. But this is a quick and effective way to get off the ground creating a website on par with something you could create with something like Squarespace, for a lot less money ( sorry Linus I hope this doesn't get you in trouble with your advertisers ) GitLab offers Free static site hosting for most common static site generators. The way this works is: you set up all the content and templates on your computer, you upload it to GitLab using Git, GitLab generates the site using the generator you select and puts it up.
  2. BenCamps

    GPU instruction sets?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this questions, but since it has more to do with computer science than the general GPU discussion I'm going to park it down right here. The other day I was trying to explain GPUs to someone and why they are different from CPUs The person I was talking to was aware of the fact that desktop CPUs typically use x86/x64 and phones typically use ARM so they asked the question, "what instruction set do GPUs use? and does nVidia and AMD use different instruction sets?" I came up with blanks because I could never recall anyone talking about processor architectures on GPUs. I realized that they wouldn't be using x86 or x64... but then what are they using? Or does everything I understand about CPU architectures not apply to GPUs. What about other coprocessors? I did a little bit of searching around but the closest thing I could find was PTX - a pseudo-assembly language used in Nvidia's CUDA programming environment and SPIR - an intermediate language for parallel compute and graphics, originally developed for use with OpenCL Note: OpenCL is not OpenGL
  3. BenCamps

    should i learn the Windows commandline?

    I would say that it is worth learning the basics of the Windows Command Line (cmd). Powershell is a nice powerful tool and is definitely a step forward from cmd, IMO, but it comes with some complexity. Administrators can disable the ability to run your scripts, where batch scripts will just run every time everywhere. Also, you still see a lot of bat/cmd scripts out in the wild and knowing how to read and tweak them would be helpful.
  4. BenCamps

    SQL Help

    The syntax diagrams over at https://sqlite.org/lang.html are helpful in understanding how to construct many different SQL commands. Also, IMO SQLite is a good dialect of SQL to get started with because it doesn't have a lot of the extra bells and whistles that the big databases have and is easy to setup.
  5. BenCamps

    Help making .exe file

    I think electron would work well for what you are trying, which essentially allow you to create an application using HTML, JS and CSS.