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  1. Solid build don't really see anything wrong with it. Good luck and have fun
  2. First off this is a perfectly fine build. But there are some small things you might want to rethink if you want. (1) The Barracuda 500GB should be a 250GB ssd, to use as a boot drive. (2) Also the Wired Network adapter is only If you need the Gigabit Ethernet as a card as the Mobo probably has it.
  3. If he can (https://www.rakuten.com/shop/dell/product/AA762435/) RX 5700 Blower This puts itself in a range with the Vega 56 and the 2060 at the price of the Vega used.
  4. I recently upgraded from a reference RX580 I got on eBay new for 100 bucks to a Sapphire RX 5700 XT for 405 after tax and shipping (I live in California). I bought the card from central computers online. I did not receive a code in the box or my email. Did I not get one from the retailer or should I submit some sort of support ticket as a friend of mine just got bl3 and I want to play through it with him. (Don’t know if this is the correct topic area as well)
  5. Hi, today I went to my local frys electronics and decided to buy a Samsung c27jg5 and hooked it up to my RX580 Reference Edition( I know its not a great pairing but I plan on upgrading to the THICC2 when it releases). When I plugged in the HDMI cable it came with into my gpu and turned it on it would not give me the option to turn to 144hz, not in display setting, not in the monitor settings, not even on the monitor itself. Does anyone know what the problem could be? My first guess is HDMI is limiting it. Whether it be my graphics card version or the cable. The Monitor (https://www.newegg.com/dark-blue-grey-samsung-cjg5-series-c27jg50-27/p/N82E16824022734)
  6. I understand where you both are coming from and we have since learned from our mistakes. I now have a reference rx 580 and my best friend has a reference 5700. Even my friend who bought the card for 70 bucks 3 years ago was trying to sell it as it’s actual card in order to get a 580. This is an old mistake we are turning into a learning experience.
  7. Hi, one of my friends when we were still just starting high school, bought one of those fake 1050ti’s from eBay. The cad doesn’t see to work well and the drivers are past buggy making it unusable. We are currently trying reflash it so that it works correctly. We have taken off the fan and got the chip but any search results lead to nothing. Any help is appreciated
  8. Great. The closest Microcenter to me is and hour and a half, but they always have some fricken incredible deals. If you go with that, it will definitely outperform, the 2 extra cores will be much more helpful in rendering as well.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?Processor%20Model=Intel%20Core%20i7%2D3770&_sop=12&_sacat=164&_nkw=i7-3770&_dcat=164 Here is just the UK search for the i7-7700. Most of the buy now seems to be 70 pounds with 20 for shipping. Also to touch on ryzen, Yes it is upgradeable but, if you want Ryzen you are gonna not just need a new processor, but a new motherboard as well as ram. all in all its a much more expensive upgrade. You might need new thermal paste with a new cpu by the way. Arctic Silver 5 is very good and is anywhere from 5 to 8 USD. Just a heads up.
  10. To touch on the CPU as well, the i7-3770 is about 100 bucks on ebay, and without oc or an x-series chip this is pretty good.
  11. Are you planning on upgrading to Ryzen 3000 if not, then I would highly suggest not getting an x570 board. Everything about this list seems fine, some tiny tweaks here and there but this is solid. And I will repeat, considering the price of this computer, 25% of the budget should not be on the motherboard. A good/great motherboard is anywhere from 100 to 250 (USD) so spending the extra money, for many people does not make a lot of sense. So unless you really need a certain set of specs and that X570 chipset, that 100(usd)/150(cad) more is just "unnecessary" to say the least.