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  1. Quzzu

    Refilling nzxt x62

    I will, thank you guys for help
  2. Hi, so the question. So I just installed my nzxt x62 280mm. It was my first aio and honestly the installation was a pain. I turned the pc on and then I heard sounds of "running" water. Inside the aio. No leaks 100% sure. I checked. Anyone had the same problem? Do I need to refill it? If so, how? Distilled water? Shouldn't it be full out of stock? I don't think refund or return is a good idea, it's not broken just not full. (Lots of questions but if you decide to help me, thank u kindly. I really appreciate)
  3. Quzzu

    Coil whine in just few games on 1070 ti

    My main concern is, is it normal? Some games work perfectly. I only hear fans spinning. Some games like risen on high res got that buzz noise. Not awful but it's still there. Some other just need v sync on. I can't tell if that's normal since it's literally my first pc. If it was coil whine the card should be making that noise in every demanding game (from what I know but feel free to correct me)
  4. Quzzu

    Coil whine in just few games on 1070 ti

    EVGA Supernova G2 650w 80+ gold
  5. Like above, I noticed some coil whine whenever I played sniper elite 3 and risen 1 on ultra. I found out activating v sync eliminated the problem on se3. Risen doesn't have any v sync options. I tested some other games like rise of tomb raider and nothing. No buzzing noise. First I thought I had a weak cooler and my card was working full load. I have a i7 8700. I wonder if that's normal? Not sure if stressing my 1070 ti will help to understand what's making that noise. It's definitely not fans, I've heard how coil whine sounds like but mine is not as bad as some people on yt have
  6. Quzzu

    Where to plug this molex cable

    Ay, I'm an idiot but u're a legend. Huge thanks
  7. Quzzu

    Where to plug this molex cable

    EVGA supernova G2 80+ gold 650w
  8. Quzzu

    Where to plug this molex cable

    I literally just started building a pc and I'm new to this but no, now I do. Thanks for "helping"
  9. Hi, I just bought a fan splitter but it's a bit different than the ones I used to use. I can't plug this to my psu (pics below)
  10. Quzzu

    What does 12v 2a mean?

    Quick question. I was about to buy fan splitters and I found a note saying not to exceed 12v 2a. I was curious what does it mean. Thanks in advance
  11. Quzzu

    Wi-Fi adapter advice

    Looking for a reliable wi-fi adapter. The one I have is doing fine with general stuff but fails during gaming. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Quzzu

    Cryorig h7 for i7 8700 under heavy load

    That's what I thought. I just saw lots of people saying their cpu runs too hot
  13. Just like above. I wonder if cryorig h7 will be good enough for my i7 8700 under heavy load. Don't know much about this cooler but I heard it's pretty good. I'll be playing AAA titles a lot. I plan on doing some editing and 3d stuff but I plan on upgrading my cooler before that
  14. I never bought anything from there. They are selling a i7 8700 for £290 plus a game etc but I'm mostly interested in that cpu. I read some reviews but most of them were pretty old. Is their refund policy really that bad? Did you wait long for the delivery?