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  1. I am currently gathering the part for a new gaming PC and I've run into some potential issues with the cooling and airflow. The case I'm using is the NZXT H500 which has 1 rear fan, 1 top fan, and 2 front fans, so its already somewhat limited with airflow. The potential issue I have with this is my graphics card, which is a MSI GTX 1070 Aero 8gb OC. It is notorious for running very hot and I plan on overclocking so I want to ensure that I get maximum airflow to the card. My plan is to put 2 intake fans in the front, my AIO (Corsair H60 2018) will be exhaust and on top, and another exhaust fan on the rear. I just wanted to know if this will be sufficient to keep my graphics card at a decent temperature. One of the front fans is facing right under the graphics card and its a blower style so it should suck up the fresh air from the bottom. *I already bought the GTX 1070 8gb OC because it was on a really good sale and I'm trying to minimize the cost