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  1. Okay, i will see what i buy but i like the corsair packaging
  2. https://www.megekko.nl/product/4186/229895/PC-Voedingen-PSU-/Corsair-RM550x-PSU-PC-voeding Its even discounted
  3. What do you mean dGPU? its with the white letters. But if i upgrade my graphics card it will be 30 watts under the power limit, with my next salary i will then buy something like a rm 550 x is that okay?
  4. I know what the issue is, yesterday evening swapped the 1030 out for a GTX 1650, works fine now. But you said the VS450 is not good?
  5. it was a prebuilt hp small formfactor lol thats why its a 1030
  6. It isn't. Cpu is sitting around 50-60 same for GPU
  7. Hi, i just build a new computer, but while gaming it randomly shuts off while running benchmarks on both the cpu and gpu at the same time it doesn't. These are my specs Ryzen 7 2700 running at stock speeds cooled by wraith spire Asus prime X370 pro Gigabyte GT 1030 2gb GDDR5 G.skill Aegis 8 gb at 3200 mhz Corsair VS450 80+ bronze I've had similar problems with this card before in a different pc, that had a i5 2400 and 250 watt psu. What is possibly the issue?
  8. Didn’t help, waited 20 minutes, when I needed to press f1 for boot the screen turned completely off, while the fans where still spinning and he system was powered on
  9. Im in the netherlands so yeah. And I would like to fix it myself. The system has an 32gb usb as boot drive, 2 160gb hard drives for storage, and a 64gb ssd for cache
  10. Hi, I have a custom built nas, but after a power loss it doesn’t boot anymore, when I connect it up to vga I see a screen that displays an error, but all the letters are scrambled and I can’t read it. 59345087620__955EF93B-A282-484A-B052-F4E34242D3A1.MOV
  11. Is this okay?: https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/computers-en-software/geheugens/m1349443785-2x4gb-8gb-1600mhz-ddr3-corsair-vengeance-lp-ram.html?c=8c285449651fa109c354bbabe740c1b&previousPage=lr
  12. Then i will do RAM First! Great! (its cheaper)