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Everything posted by CollisionCascade

  1. Was there a 64 bit version of Windows 7 Home Basic?
  2. haha i totally understand ?, no stress
  3. make a cool wallpaper with this car please
  4. Hi, looking for this wallpaper but without the text, i tried using google image search but i cant find it
  5. i forgot to mention the keyboard has been on and off and a few hours ago it just stopped altogether, this only occurs in the windows setup tho, because i can boot into and navigate the bios
  6. I have an ancient Sahara machine that im trying to install windows xp on, the keybaord on this piece of garbage refuses to work so i cant get passed the screen where i have to enter my name ? I would really appreciate it if anyone could share their knowledge of sahara computers because im quite frustrated at this point ? Model: Sahara N1356
  7. interesting, what would you recommend for Ryzen 3 2200g overclocking?
  8. Does anyone know when the new Asus Tuf B450 and B450M Pro Gaming will come out?
  9. N64 emulation kind of works too.
  10. This thing plays Tomb Raider Anniversary, Bioshock and RTCW ?
  11. Just try installing, it should probably work without the need to root.