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  1. I see no reason why this has to be so complicated, unless you have to do the calculation by long division, as just factorising the first expression to be (3x-2)(2x-1) is then easily divided by 2x-1 without long division, at least in my mind anyway.
  2. If my Irish mother has taught me right, calling something "gas" sort of means the thing is really funny (or possibly odd, haven't quite picked up the context yet) It's just Irish slang
  3. Would be nice to upgrade my server to an SSD
  4. Am I your first status here?

  5. They work fine for me, although when you click on the last one it does redirect because "These" is also in the url
  6. To be fair to apple, they're using existing law (riddled with loopholes, albeit) to legally avoid having to pay tax Apple aren't the only culprits though Google, Microsoft etc all do it as well (pretty much any worldwide technology company that has headquarters in Dublin will be doing it for tax reasons)
  7. Extingquish


    Sorry to hear about your situation. I was going to post exactly what @LtStaffel said, but of course he got there first
  8. I saw it: I'm sure it was beautiful though EDIT: I was right
  9. Kinda glad I'm in the UK, I get unlimited data/unlimited texts/200mins(but who uses them anyway) for £17/month, and I have no roaming charges in most of the countries that I'd want to visit (Although YouTube is throttled without a VPN) Kinda great IMO
  10. If you go into the advance control and copy the contents of the log tab, we should be able to give a better diagnosis of the issue
  11. tfw you can't have a hard drive and an ssd in your system because the dvd drive isn't sata

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    2. Extingquish
    3. Flight1sim


      Heh I have one of those, they're great

    4. Extingquish


      @Lars I got a Lenovo ideapad 305, I wasn't sure if it'd work, but the adapter I bought was only £5 so no major losses

  12. You could make an argument for either for both servers and clients to be quite honest. You can run a server on 512MB RAM when hosting for ~5 people, but when not backed up the the CPU horsepower (eg. on a raspberry pi) it'll lag and won't be playable - similarly you could have a powerful CPU hosting a server for >50 people, but when you don't have the RAM to keep the world loaded, it'll lag and stutter as before The client is a bit of a different story. You don't actually need the "8GB to keep everything running smoothly" as some people would like to suggest (I'm talking about vanilla here - modded is a completely different discussion). In my experience when playing on servers (and probably single player as well although I haven't tested it lately), you are perfectly fine with the 1GB that's allocated as standard and increasing it without reason is only going to make the memory dumps bigger and the already slow garbage collection even slower resulting in FPS drops and stuttering all over the place. Here's where my level of knowledge drops a bit. In 1.8 the mojang team did make the client multi-threaded to a point. The world loading/unloading, villager AI, and some other things (that's escaped my memory, sorry) can be multi-threaded, and so reduce the strain on the thread(s) that is(/are) doing the rendering. This is where the argument for having a "stronger CPU" falls down, because you can't really measure how strong the CPU is for MC since it doesn't utilise, let's say the 16 threads on a 5960X, and a 4790K would probably outperform it because of it's higher clock speed. TL;DR it depends on the number players on the server, whether you're playing modded, what you're doing in the world etc. Minecraft is a weird program and FPS numbers don't really make sense some most of the time
  13. I know you've said the channel has started to produce more "show like content", but what do you see LMG doing in 2016? Like will there be any new channels popping up / new ideas for the main channel?